Nobody compares (Niall Horan not famous)

Jenna, Niall's girlfriend, have cancer, and is going to die. She don't want to tell Niall, but she finds out that she has to. What happens when she does? What happens when she dies? What would Niall do? And who's the girl in the same room in the hospital?
Want to find out? Send me a message and I give you the answers. Meh, dream. Read it!

Hey! So glad you're here, and don't you dare leave. Please read to the end.

_Basic information about the story_
Niall is Niall, of course.
Jenna is Niall's girlfriend at the moment.
Hanna is another girl.
Maura is Niall's mother.
Jenna's parents are Oliver and Alexandra.
Hanna's parents are Tom and Sophie.

If you read, I swear, you'll not regret.

** Sorry if I have some mistakes or bad english. I'm norwegian, but I wanted to write on english so other than norwegians could read. Hope you like it, anyway ..**


8. Last Farewell

*after some while*

No ones POV.

My very loved Niall,

I don't know we're to start. I love you. I you so so much. The first time I saw you, I melted, literally. Your eyes, your smile, your voice.. I know how stereotyped it sounds, but well, when you meet someone you just really click with in that way I clicked with you, you just forget everything about stereotype. You are the nicest and funniest person I've ever met. Or, by the way, no, you're not. Your father is the funniest person I've ever met. I always loved your family. I feel so bad, you can't even imagine. I don't know what to compare it with. It's just horrible. I've never wanted to keep secrets from you, especially not secrets affecting us both. 

"Nothing will ever come between you and I." I remember how we always said that to each others. I want you to know, I meant it. I meant every single word I ever told you. Except that one time we had a fight and I told you I hated you. Well, what can I say? Sometimes you pissed me off, while other times you where the reason I woke up and wanted to live that day. I want to thank you so much. For absoloutely everything.


Please, please, please don't stop living just because I'm not here. Please. That's the least you could do for me. Nothing makes me happier than you smiling. Just keep that in mind. 


I have always been a "short on point" kind of person. I don't need to say a lot, to get to the point. I mostly use about two sentences, but this time, nothing feels like enough. I know I have to leave you in a short time. If I could decide, I would rather not. I hope you know. I would never leave you. 


I regret every stupid thing I said to you or did to you. I hope you can forgive me. Well, it doesn't matter to me, since I'm not alive when you read this letter, but hey, don't make me cry while being death. I'm pretty sure that's hard. My head isn't working as good as before. I can't think clear. I don't always know what I say or do or write, but I hope it doesn't affect you. 


I don't know what to say, I have never said goodbye, for like..ever, to someone before. 
I know you will never be able to wake up next to me again, and I feel so bad.

How shall I even quit this letter??

Never stop smiling, Niall. Your smile will spread love to the other side of the world. So keep it on. 



Niall folded the letter in two before he kissed it and held it up to his chest. He could feel his heart beat against it. Eventually he laid it in his and Jennas "most important stuff" box. 



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