Nobody compares (Niall Horan not famous)

Jenna, Niall's girlfriend, have cancer, and is going to die. She don't want to tell Niall, but she finds out that she has to. What happens when she does? What happens when she dies? What would Niall do? And who's the girl in the same room in the hospital?
Want to find out? Send me a message and I give you the answers. Meh, dream. Read it!

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_Basic information about the story_
Niall is Niall, of course.
Jenna is Niall's girlfriend at the moment.
Hanna is another girl.
Maura is Niall's mother.
Jenna's parents are Oliver and Alexandra.
Hanna's parents are Tom and Sophie.

If you read, I swear, you'll not regret.

** Sorry if I have some mistakes or bad english. I'm norwegian, but I wanted to write on english so other than norwegians could read. Hope you like it, anyway ..**


7. I feel you

Hanna's POV:
"It's Hanna," I said, "can I come over?" I sniffed. I heard him crying too. It put pictures in my head of what I had seen earlier that day. Poor Niall, I felt so bad for him. He said yes, I could come over. I packed some clothes and other stuff, I was prepared to be there a few days. We needed each other. We went trough the same and knew how the other of us felt. He felt terrible. So do I. Both of us lost our best friend. Our better half. 

Niall's POV:
It was Hanna. She wanted to come over. I heard she was crying, so I said yes. She needed someone, and I need someone. I need Jenna, and she needs David. But none of us can have it. We can just have each other to help us. We are together about this. She told me she should just pack her stuff and come over as fast as she could, and then we said bye and hanged on. 

Twenty minutes later, she was inside my house. We hugged each other for long while we cried. I didn't care if she saw me crying. Like, why should I? Crying is normal. Especially when you lose the one you love the most and it feels like someone's stamping on your heart and ripping of your face. Yup, that's how I feel. 

No one's POV:
Niall broke out of the hug and sat down on his bed. Hanna did the same. Their faces were empty and straightened in the air. Their eyes were filled with sorrow. Niall lifted a bottle of whiskey from the floor and poured it into his gap. Tears streamed down his face, and some of them into the bottle. Hanna grabbed the bottle out of Nialls grip and threw it out of the open window. "Niall, no!" she shouted. Niall looked at her with an expressionless face and laid down on his bed. "I don't care anymore, Hanna, I don't care..." he said before he coughed. 


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