When My Fairy Tale Came True

When a 19 year old girl has to go to her uncles for a Christmas party. But little did she know there would be a surprise, her uncle is going to make a big announcement and this how she falls in love and her fairy tale comes true.


3. The Day We Met

I was laying in the tree house looking up at the starts for about 20 minutes when I heard someone approaching me. ‘Hello… you out here’.


I just stayed there ignoring whoever it was I could feel tears falling down my face thinking about my dad. I heard them now climbing up the ladder. They layed next to me and lent over to wipe my tear away. Then moved there hand down and held mine. I slowly moved my head to see who it was. It was Louis. Why was he here?


‘I heard what happened to your family… If I knew I would have stayed with you. I’m sorry you shouldn’t have been alone at a time like that. I should have sta..’ I placed my finger on his lips, by this time we were both sitting up.


‘It’s not your fault. None of it was. So don’t try blaming yourself’ he looked up, and stared at me. A tear started running down his face. I moved closed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my back and lent his head on my shoulder. ‘His isn’t just about me is it?’ I asked. He didn’t say anything buy I felt him shock his head to say no. ‘What happened?’  He lifted his head up and lent on the side of the tree house.


‘Well that day I met you…’ he stared to cry again. ‘My dad was in hospital. That’s why I was there, he had cancer and it was very serious, but the doctors said he would be okay if I went home for a bit because I had been sleeping there for 4 days with my dad. Well when I came back he wasn’t there and I asked the nurse where he was and…’ he was crying much harder, I slid over and hugged him.


‘it’s not your fault there was nothing you could do’


‘I could have stayed, all he had was me and I left him at a time like that. What sort of son am I?’ he sobbed and helt me tighter.


‘shh shh c’mon, it’s all okay’ I let go of me and lifted his head up to mine and kissed me. He pulled away.


‘I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that’


‘It’s fine’ I slowly spoke still in shock. We got up and wiped away the tears and started to walk back up to my uncles. He reached over and helt my hand, we walked the rest of the way holding hands.by the time we got back most people was inside, there was a few people sitting around the table. Louis instantly recognised them and waved.


‘Would you like to come and meet the boys? He asked.


‘Err yeah ok’ we walked over to them.


‘So, who’s this Lou’ Harry asked winking at Louis.


‘Well this is..’ he stopped, and turned to face me. ‘Never actually asked your name’ Harry started to laugh.


‘Its..’ then my mum waked out the door and looked at me.


‘There you are. I’ve been looking for you for the past 20 minutes, we are going home now. Come say bye to your uncle’


‘Yeah okay. One minuet mum’


‘Okay, well don’t be too long’ she turned around and walked back thought the door.


‘Ermm yeah’ I said trying to remember what I was going to say.


‘Your name?’ Niall asked


‘Ow yeah it’s Brooke’ Louis smiled and helt my hand.


‘You should be getting back to your mum’ Louis said pulling me away.


‘Bye’ I called over my shoulder. We went back inside and found my uncle standing in the kitchen with my mum.


‘There you are.. We best be going now’


‘Okay, bye’ I said giving my uncle a hug. I walked back over to Louis and hugged him too ‘bye’ I said walking for the door.


‘Wait’ he called running over and grabbed my hand and spun me around. ‘What’s your number’. He passed me his phone and I created a new contact adding my number and name. His hand reached up and touched my face. Then he kissed me. It was short but sweet and felt right. ‘Bye’ he slowly said.


‘Bye….’ I walked to the car mum had already stared the car and was waiting for me. I got in and just sat there shocked at what just happened and reached up and touched my face where his hand previously was. I could still feel his warmth on my skin.




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