When My Fairy Tale Came True

When a 19 year old girl has to go to her uncles for a Christmas party. But little did she know there would be a surprise, her uncle is going to make a big announcement and this how she falls in love and her fairy tale comes true.


2. My Past

Brooke's POV


I was standing there shocked. why hadent my uncle told me this? they sat down on little wooden stalls and started to sing little things. louis was looking at me i think he see how shocked i was. that he was there. it started to bring back memorys. i closed my mouth and looked down at the floor. ' there quite good' i heard my mum say above the noice.

i just replyed with 'yeah, i know' looking up. i watched them for a few more seconds then turned around and walked of into the woods. i keeped walking till i got to the tree house what me, my twin brother, my dad and my uncle made before, when i was seven. i climbed up the tree and sat there looking at the pinky sunset. i started to think about my brother and dad.


Me, Daniel (my twin) was sitting in the back of the car and my mum and dad was in the front, dad was driving. We was on our way home from my uncles, he had thrown us a party for getting into the uni we wanted to go to. we all was singing as loud as we could to the song on the radio. it was a cold winters night and it had been snowing all week, my dad dident realise how slipery it was and as we went round a corner the back wheels sliped and the car slidded back down a little hill. everyone one started screaming me and Daniel grabbed each other. i started crying in his shoulder. i blacked out. we was upside down at the botten of the hill. Daniel was still holding me. i shacked him. 'Daniel, Daniel are you okay?' he started to come round and realised what happened.

'Brooke, are you okay? are you hurt?' i nodded my head to say i was okay. he tryed to open the door my it wouldent move, he kicked the glass smashing it then climbed out. 'c'mon Brooke climb out. i sarted to crawl over to the window and saw blood all over my hands. i climbed out and he picked my up and carryed me to a near by tree and put me down. he started to take his coat of and put it around me, then went back to the car. i rang the ambulance and told them what happend and where we was and they said they was on there way. a few minuets later he walked back with our mum in his arms and placed her down next to me.

mum was oncontious. i shaked her 'mum.... mum, please wake up' she still wasent moving. i cheacked to see if she was breathing. thankfuls she was. Daniel started to walk back to the car. he was about 8 meaters away from the car when it exploaded. i got up and started to run over to him, my leg killed, but i got to him he was laying there blood all over him. i stared to cry. 'Daniel, Daniel please' a teir ran down my face and fell on his cheast. i layed my head down on him holding him in my arms crying then i heated the ambulance and peaple walking. 'over here! quick please help' i rememberd my dad was in the car and looked over to the car. one of the people that camed with the ambulance was with my mum and the other with Daniel. i got up and ran over to the car that was still on fire. i saw my dad inside. he looked such a mess i feel on the floor screaming and crying harder.

the man from the ambulance walked oveer to me. 'hello, my names Tim. are you okay?' he looked into the car and saw my dad then kneeled down the the floor next to me. 'c'mon lets get you back to the ambulance' he grabbed my and and helped walk over to the ambulance i was limping. he sat me down on a chair and put a blanket around me to warm me up. a few minuets later i heard another ambulance arive and the woman lifted my mum in on a ambulance bed. she moved her head round and looked at me.

'are you okay darlin?' she wiperded reaching out from my hand. i placed my warm hand in her freazing cold hand.

'Yeah mum. my leg really hearts though' she looked down at my leg then we started to move. i fell asleep on the way to the hospital but i woke up in a bed nexet my mum and Danial. i got up and hopped over to Daniels bed. i climbed in and cuddled him, i started to cry and he woke up.

'hey hey dont cry its going to be okay'

i looked up 'but its not. dads dead' i started to cry even more.

' i know' he pulled me closer and helt me tight, i could hear him crying too. we fell asleep. i was woken by loud beeping i looked around it was Daniel he wasent moveing. nurces ran in and moved me into my bed and took him away. i started to cry and tryed to follow them but my leg started to hurt really bad and i fell to the floor crying even hareder.

a young boy came up behind me and placed his hand on my back. 'are you okay' i heard a voice behind me say. i turned around to look at him

'no' i said looking up at his face.

'well here, let me help you' he stood up holding his hand out. i reached out and touched his hand and he helped me up and walked me back to my room.

'thank you' i shyly spoke.

'its okay, look i hope you get better soon, and your brohter is okay'

'thank you' i said again 'me too' he turned around and walk to the door way and stopped. he turned round and looked at me. 'bye' i said snuggling back up in to my covers. he turned around and walked out.

a few hours i woke up and Daniel was back  sitting up in his bed. i ran.. well hobbled over to him and gave him a massive hug. he rapped his warm hand round my body. a few seconds later a doctor walked him. ' your all free to go home now.' get all got up and went home.

we got home mum walked up to her bedroom crying about dad and me and Daniel when up to bed to.

*End of Flashback*


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