When My Fairy Tale Came True

When a 19 year old girl has to go to her uncles for a Christmas party. But little did she know there would be a surprise, her uncle is going to make a big announcement and this how she falls in love and her fairy tale comes true.


1. My Uncles Big News

Brooke’s POV


I woke up to my mum calling my name ‘Brooke, Brooke….. BROOKE’

I sat up on my bed and shouted back ‘yes mum?’

‘Can you come down please?’

I quickly threw on my dressing gown, it was a baby pink colour with little starts, stretched and stared to walk down the stairs. Mum was standing in the kitchens looking though some letters.

‘Your uncles is having party to night so we are going shopping to get something to wear’

‘Okay, I’ll go get dressed’ I said whistled already walking back up the stairs. I quickly went into the bathroom to get ready, I was wearing peach jeans and a black and white Christmas jumper and white vans. I ran back down stairs to see my mum waiting by the front door.

‘Hurry up Brooke’

‘I am’ I replied. We walked outside and got into the car and went in to town. After about half an hour I saw this cute little light pink chiffon tiered dress so I got that, and mum got a black dress that comes down to her knee.


Louis’s POV


‘C’mon boys we need to get ready we have to be there in a hour’ all the boys sighed and got up from the sofa from watching the football and went to their rooms. I quickly had a shower, well… I was in there for half an hour. I quickly ran to my walk in wardrobe and grabbed a pair of black jeans and a red jumper and put them on. ‘Hurry up boys we have to go’ I was putting on a black pair of vans and walking out my bedroom door to see all the boys ready.

‘ermm we are ready’ harry chuckled.

‘Well I can see that’ I opened the front door and walked outside and we all got in my car and started to drive to our new manager James Christmas party.


Brooke’s POV


‘Brooke hurry up we need to leave now’ I heard my mum shouting up the stairs.

‘Okay, okay I’m coming mum’ I ran down the stairs wearing my new dress and a pair of black high heels, mum was wearing her new dress to. Mum opened the door and we walked out to her car. We got in and drove to my uncle’s house, he only lived about 20 minutes away. My uncle greeted us at the front door.

‘I’m glad you can come’ he chucked because we was 30 minutes late.

‘Yeah I’m sorry about that, Brooke wasn’t ready in time’

‘It’s fine at least you’re here now, well if you would like to go out to the garden I have some big new to announce’

‘Okay’ me and mum replied at the same time walking out to the garden.

We stood in the garden for a couple of minutes with lots of other people I didn’t really know, then my uncle walked out ‘well everyone first of all thank you all for coming. As you all know I have some big news I wanted to tell you all… I am the new manager of a famous boy bad’ as he said that One Direction walked out onto the stage. OMG it was One Direction. ‘well these are the boys Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and last but no least Liam’ he said whilst pointed to each one.

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