The Masquerade

As requested by J.K. Panesar


1. The Masquerade

The masks, they hide our faces,

Our identities, kept secure.

Of course they had to leave spaces,

But our appearance is left unsure.


As the night progresses,

So does the inevitable theme.

The girls all wearing pretty dresses,

While the boys stare on and dream.


You'd think we'd know all our dances,

Considering we are all of eighteen.

But the guys don't know their stances,

And their footwork is just obscene.


Someone falls over here, somone falls over there,

And in the end we ust give up and drink.

The girlslet down their luscious blonde hair,

Which puts the boys right on the brink. 


At the end of the day, the masks don't matter,

And neither does any of the night.

The girls are attractive and the boys and just fatter,

That's how it all works out, right?


Well no, not always as this one seperate time,

One of us got lucky at the end.

And know, right at the end of my rhyme,

I can tell you, she's now more than a friend.


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