It's Complicated- (One Direction fan fic)

Katelyn hates one direction, absolutely dispises them. Unfortunately for her, her bestfriend Michele loves and adores them with all her heart. She would do anything just to meet them in person. Luck hit for Michele, when her parents hand her two tickets to a one direction concert for her birthday.Katelyn being her bestfriend has no option to attend such an event on a day of her bestfriends birthday and probably one of the most memoral day of Micheles life. Katelyn tries to smile and be happy for her bestfriend Michele but then the unexpected occurs when Michele finds two tickets laying on the ground to 'meet and greet' one direction on the day which only spiced things up. Things change as Katelyn meets new people but is it a change for the best?


1. Time for the concert




"Hurry up Katelyn, I want to be as early as possible!" Shouted my very excited bestfriend Michele from the bathroom.

"Alright" I groan in annoyance, not as excited to be leaving for a One Direction concert. Especially if they are the worst band alive. I pull my legs out of my amazingly comfortable bed and stretch in all types of awkward positions. I reach over to my dresser and slip on a bath robe before searching for a suitable outfit for such an event. Just as I pass the mirror, I notice my hair. I almost screamed looking at myself. My hair stood in different directions. I ran my fingers through it just so it could get tangled in there. Staring at my birds nest of hair I decide to dismiss it and walk into the bathroom. There my bestfriend stood happily humming her favourite One Direction song 'What makes you beautiful' in my very tiny bathroom.

"Uh, it would be great if you took you're time. I don't need to be anywhere... at all" I mumble sarcastically. watching her apply a thin layer of blush to her cheeks

"You're alive!" Michele shouts and wraps her arms around my neck, hugging me. I hug her back and smile. This is why she is my bestfriend. Always bubbly and happy.

"Well the last time I checked my heart was beating". I say letting her go, making sure not to mess her hair. Micheles long, naturally straight hair is styled in light bouncy curls. Her beautiful blue eyes standing out more through her eyeliner and mascara. She stands at a short 5'4, slim with the most amazing personality ever. She is wearing light blue denim shorts, a baggy creme coloured singlet with 'I <3 1D' in the front of it and millions of bracelets covering her hands, she is also wearingcreme coloured heels. Today is 26 degrees heading up to atleast 30 degrees. I dont know how she would survive in heels allday with the whether heating up already.  I watch as she pulls out her foundation and attemts to open but I quickly snatched it off her.

"You don't need this Mickey" I say using her nickname I gave her when we were kids.

"Just hand it back Katy, I need" She responds using my nickname. She tries reaching for it but fails.

"No you don't, you're pretty already. There's no need for this". I say slowly moving towards the toilet.

"I don't want to play games with you right now Katelyn, This day has to be perfect. I have to be perfect for them". She says, her voice getting higher. She tries reaching for the foundation again but I end up throwing it down the toilet and flushing it. She gasps in shock at what I just did, bending to her knees and  then looking endlessly down at the toilet bowl. She stared at me with a look of disbelief. Her eyes brimmed with tears, me regretting what I just did but this will help her learn.

"Im sorry Michele but how mmany times must I tell you. You don't need make up, you dont need anything for that matter. You're smile is enough to make anyone fall for you." I tell her, kneeling to her level to rub her back. "Im serious about this Mickey, if one guy thinks you look better with make up on than they must obviously be blind. Even if it is One Direction, what matters is that you are comfortable in your own skin and the opposite agender can deal with thar". I tell her truthfully, almost sounding like her mother. She sighs and stands up.

"I guess you're right" She turns to hug me and I hug right back. "Now, I suggest you clean you're face whilst I go for a shower and change". I tell her, she turns around to look in the mirror and gasps at her hair. "I didn't touch it". I tell her before she could blame me. She glares and I send heer a sweet smile.

"Happy 18th Birthday" I croak, she simply grabs hold of the curling iron and walks out.

"I see how it is" I mock

"You know I love you Katy" she laughs back "Love is what makes our friendship so strong" she added making me chuckle. Sometimes she could like such a hippie. Hippies are cool, so I have no problems with that.

"Hurry up too Katy, we only have an hour to get there" she yells as I slam the door close. I sigh knowing that I have to do this for her. I quickly wash and dry myself and change into the clothes I randomly picked out from my drawers. An off the shoulder white shirt with a huge skull in the front of it, black leather pants and my favourite lace up leather boots. I combed my long chocolate brown hair into a side braid and carefully applied eyeliner, making my dull brown eyes somehow pop.

I exited the bathroom just to have a small side bag thrown into my face and getting pulled down the stairs of my two story home.

"See ya Dad!" I shout form the door as I appraoch it.

"Leaving now darl?" My dad yells back from wherever he is

"Yep" I shout back

"Have good day, see you sunday" He yelled

"See ya Mr Thompson" Michele yelled out. I heard my dad yell something out but Michele kept pulling me futher and further away from the house, which made it impossible for me to be able to hear what my dad said.

"Don't worry, Im sure it was nothing important. You'll be seeing him on sunday anyway" Michele pointed out, unlocking the car to her light silver mercedes benz. Today is Friday and I promised my dad I'd see him on  Sunday for the usual famliy dinner. I stared at the house as Michele took off, distancing me from my home.

We drove for atleast forty five minutes, One direction blasted to the full, windows down with the cool summers air whipping my face, the sun shining bright in the sky, the smell of fresh lavender and cut grass hitting my nostrils. I kept thinking of what it would be like to stand in a crowd of screaming girls for five boys knowing they have no chance in getting them. I know I wouldn't want that, attention is not my kind of thing. Michele would make small talk to get me going but she knew I wasn't the biggest fan of One direction and she could have asked anyone from school to come with her, or one of her rich friends to take her.

"Katelyn, I know you don't want to do this..." she started

"No, I do. It's you're big 18th. You're going to have fun, have an afterparty and probably get laid." I end making her laugh

"Thank you Katelyn"

"No need to thank me, just be glad this concert doesn't allow the use of alcohol consumption. Otherwise you would have to carry me home".

"Thank god for that" she laughs. About twenty mintues later we arrive to the place. As soon as we stood in the gigantic line just to enter the place, there were alreadythousands of girls screaming for these boys. I stare at them confused, some were ven crying.

"I think there's something wrong with that girl". I tell Michele without looking at her. I receive no reply, so I turn just to see her in tears aswell. She had two tickets in her hand but it wasn't the same ones she showed me the other day, these tickets are purple and lamenated.

"Oh my gosh!" Michele said jumping up and down, screaming and also crying out in joy. I stare at her, stepping back to give her room. She is crazy, all that just because of five boys in a band who sing.

"What's up with you? You need to relax" I tell her moving back into line.

"You have no idea what I just found" She said pushing me out of line again

"Well, whatever it is good for you. Now, if you want to enter this stadium you might want to stay in line". I say

"Or we could skip to the entrance right now" She says and with that I am being pulled again. We skip past the entire line, receiving looks of curiosity and envy from other girls also shouts of anger, looking as if we are jumping the line. We end up in another, much shorter line and stand in front of two guards dressed in black with heavily guarded shades.

"Tickets" One of the guys asked. The top of the door clearly said VIP. We are not VIP, we have silver class tickets, meaning we have a very distant seat form the stage. I watch asMichele pulls out the two purple tickets she had and gave them to the guard. He carefully inspected it and stamped us off, showing us the direction to walk.

"What was that? I whisper/shout to Michele as we enter a room leadin towards stairs. We climbed them until we reached a large beautiful light purple room with posters of One Direction posted the walls. Directly in fron of us were four large windows giving a view of the performance stage. There were four long white leather sofas in the middle of the room with a small glass coffee table seperating them and another four infront of the windows.

I glance around the room, loving the colour and hating the posters. I turn to Michele with questioning eyes.

"I think we have the wrong tickets"  I tell her trufully

"No, duh" she said making me look stupid."I told you I found them". She says squealing with Joy

"This is not right Michele"

"Hey, finders keepers, Losers weepers". She put simply and ran towards the windows. I sigh knowing I cant do anything now. Nothing will make her leave, she would even put up a fight just to meet One Direction. I stopped and thought for a moment.

"Wait, did you say we're meeting them?" I shouted towards her just as a load of girls came in half squealing and half in wander.

"Yes!" Michele shouted back and came up to me squealing

"I can't believe this is happening. It's my big eighteenth, im going to have a huge afterparty, Im going to meet One Direction!" she squealed in delight. I held her down from jumping up and down again, remembering there are people here but it didn't really matter these other girls were doing it too.

"This is the best day of my life!" she shouted making me smile "And im glad im spending it with my beatfriend". She smiles just as announcement is being made that ondirection will be performing in 2 minutes. I smile back to her and she runs to the sofas that are in view of the stage. She turns back to me and pats the seat beside her. I sit next to her just as the other girls come rushing to find a place.

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