i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


7. 7

Gretels POV. We went down stairs and I saw zac lying in the couch with some girl and Jackson was in the kitchen making cereal. They both looked horrible. I started laughing and they both looked at me. "look who's up! Hahahah" zac said. We all laughed.

I walked over to zac and harry followed. " what are you watching?" I asked zac. He showede his phone while saying " this is you and I doing our dance last night!" oh no. This dance was so... Just not good news. " PLEASE DELETE IT!" I pleaded him. "no way. This is awesome!" I tried getting the phone off him but I just ended up rolling off te couch. I'm really clumsy. Zac and Harry started laughing at me an I blushed.

Then I remembered. "guys. Don't we have school today?" " today is a strike" said zac. YES! No school! I must of had the biggest most ridiculous smile on my face because they were laughing so hard. Then I looked at the video. Shit. Last night I must of drank heaps because that wasn't what I usually do. I was dirty dancing with zac then Harry. Great first impression hey. Hahahah. One of them said.

I smelt something coming from the kitchen. It smelt so good. Harry Nd zac must of also smelt it because Harry picked me up and carried me to the kitchen. There stood Jackson putting bacon and eggs on four different plates. Jackson was a really good cook so it didn't surprise me that it tasted amazingly delicious. We all stood aroun the kitchen eating. Harry was next to me. "wanna see the boys with me today?" he asked me in a low husky voice. " sure" I replied back looking up at him. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and zac and Jackson ohhed. " is that really necessary?" "YES!" they both replied. I heard the back door open. I looked through the little window and I saw everyone leaving. They looked like zombies.

We all stayed in the kitchen eating for a while then we decided we should get ready. Harry decided to invite te boys over here because they could help with the cleaning up. We started cleaning but I couldn't do much seemin I had to hop around. About ten muns into cleaning the dirt bell rang. "I'LL GET IT!" I yelled. I hoped to the front door and opened it with four boys smiling at me. Omg. Was this really happening? "hi love is Harry here?" Niall asked. "the he's out the back" then Harry walked to my side. "hi lads! Gretel your mum is on the phone. Boys come in. Pick up a garbage bag and let's get cleaning!" I took the phone off Harry and started talking to my mother. " hi mum" " Gretel where are you?" " I'm ad my friends place. Why?" " you didn't tell anyone where you were and I got really scared" " oh my gosh I'm so sorry mum!" " it's ok. When are you coming home?" "um well I've gotta help clean up so at about threeish I guess?" " ok. Just keep your phone on you. Bye honey. See you soon!" "bye mum" and with that I hung up the phone. I can't believe I forgot to tell mum where I was.

Harry came over with Louis. They both got one of my arms and pulled me along. "where are we going!" I asked them. "you'll see my little carrot princess" said Louis. "when did you come up with that?" asked Harry. "um. Just then" replied Louis. Just then I noticed they were taking me tho the pool. It was fairly warm but I still did t want to go swimming. "PLEASE DONT!" I yelled. Niall was already in the pool. Harry and Louis both chuckede high up into the air and j landed into the pool with a huge splash. All the boys jumped in after including zac and Jackson and we swam for around two hours. Then we all got put and we had to start our cleaning. This was going to be a weird day.
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