i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


6. 6

Harry's POV. I woke up to see Gretel asleep in my arms. Her blond hair had gone everywhere. I laughed under my breathe. She stirred a bit and then she woke up. Her eyes and her lips were AMAZING. They were. Irresistible.

Gretels POV. I woke up with a giant head ache and my ankle hurt a lot.y stomach wasn't that good either. I woke up to see the most beautiful thing ever. Harry's green eyes were looking into mine. "morning babe. Love te morning hair. Hahahah" he said just above a whisper. "i can't tame it. It's impossible. " I replied. Just then I felt really sick. I ran into the attached bathroom. Kneeled by the toilet and threw up. Gosh I felt so bad. I felt someone rubbing my back and holding my hair for me. It was Harry. Gosh I love him. "are you ok babe?" and with that I started crying. She pulled me into his arms and hugged me. "it's ok. Tell you what. You have a shower and I'll get you some pain killers. Yeh?" I nodded at that. He helped me up and I whimpered because my ankle really hurt. "ok. Maybe you can have a bath yeh?" "yes please" I replied. He turned in the bath for me and then left. Before he left he gave me a kiss on the lips. His kisses always gae me butterflies. I lived them.

I took off all my clothes. Although I wasn't wearing that much. And hoped into the bath. It felt amazayn. I stayed in the bath for bout twenty mins then I got out and wrapped a towel over me. I sat on the toilet so I wouldn't fall. I started to think about Harry. How did u get such a perfect boyfriend like him? He was so kind. Not to forget hot. And he was fun. Like on cue, Harry walked in. "hi beautiful. I got the pain killers for you. " "thank you hun" I replied. I swallowed the tablets with a glass of water. I coughed a bit and Harry patted my back. Im not that good with tablets. "you ok?" " yeh. I'm fine". He helped me off the toilet seat and helped me get into my undies and his shirt. I didn't care if he saw me naked. I trust him with everything now.
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