i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


5. 5

Harry's POV. Gretel was as beautiful as zac said. I'm so glad he told me about her. We ended up getting drinks and started dancing. We danced for about n hour but it got hot. By this time Gretel and I had had a few drinks so she was very... Un-normal. But I liked it. We ended up dirty dancing in the end.

I asked her"do you wanna go swimming?" "YES!!!" she yelled. She bolted to the pool and on the way she pulled off her dress so she was only in her undies and bra. Her body was amazingly perfect. I took off my top and pants and I grabbed her by her waist from behind and chucked her into the pool. She screamed and I did a bomb behind her. We both were laughing by this point. She looked amazing under the moonlight. But her lips. They stood out so much. They were so kissable And her eyes. They were irresistible. I put my hands around her waist and she put her hands around my neck. I went in for a kiss and she went in to. Yes. I got that kiss from her. It was amazing. I was kissing her passionately. And she was kissing back. She was an amazing kisser. We were like that for about a minute or two. And by that time people were whistling at us. When we pulled apart we started laughing. Her laugh was beautiful.

Gretels POV. Harry was an amazing kisser. I had actually never kissed anyone so I hope I was a good kisser. Meep. "am I a good kisser?" he asked. "your the best babe. What about me?" " Love, you are amazing. How many other boys have you kissed?" " none"

Harry's POV. I can't believe it. She has never kissed anyone else. That's unbelievable. She was gorgeous and no one has made a move on her yet. FAROUT that's weird. I just noticed Gretel was laughing. I was caught up in my own thoughts while staring into her beautiful green eyes. Se pulled me under water. Then I came up and brought her down with me. We played in the po for a far bit. Every know and then we got out and got a drink. By the end of the night. Gretel was so drunk. She was dirty dancing in her undies with my top over the top.

"would you like to stay here tonight? I've got a bed. You can sleep with me if you like. But we're not doing anything else" she ended up laughing. "sure babe". Yes!!! I'm so happy. The rest of the night was a blur. Gretel and zac did this special dance that they had been working on and I filmed it. Gretel must really like dancing. When they were done she got so tired when we hugged she actually collapsed in my arms. So I carried her to my room and laid her on my bed. I took off my pants and slept in my undies. I got under the sheets with her and cuddled up with her. Then we both ended up falling asleep in each others arms.
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