i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


4. 4

The whole day we were either swimming or getting the house ready. It was actually kinda fun. But because it was summer it was to hot to do to much so we all took turns.

When it got darker we all decided we should start getting ready. So I pulled on my clothes and went outside to meet the other people who were comin to the party bush that's right they were already coming and I was the only one ready. I was wearing a baby blue summer dress. The straps were thin and it was kinda short. It went down to a bit lower then mid thigh. I wore my hair down because I couldn't feel bothered doing it. When everyone was settled in. We got the music started and we all started dancing. Zac pulled me aside and said to me l
" I want you to meet one of my friends. I think you two would be great for each other" so I did as I wa told an followed him into the living room. And there stood the one and only Harry Styles. I just stood there shocked. Zac and Harry were laughing and when I noticed they were I looked down and blushed. " Harry this is Gretel. Gretel Harry. " Zac said. " so this is the famous Gretel eh?" I did a little laugh and blushed again. I swear I must of looked like I was sun burnt because I wa blushing that much.

I didn't notice that zac had left so harry and I were alone. " you look beautiful tonight." " thanks. You look good to" I said. " wanna dance?" " sure!" finally. I get to dance again. I love dancing. There were a couple of drinks at a table and we both grabbed one each and started dancing. This was going to be a great night.
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