i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


3. 3

We went to the office. All pretending we had bad belly aches. The school nurses were really dumb so it wasn't that hard. They rang up our parents and because they were all at work we had to stay there. But then Jackson came up with a plan to get us out of that place. " excuse me nurse. Instead of staying here can we please go to my house. It's just down the road." she thought about it then exited the room and about ten mins later she came back and nodded her head. So I got a piggy back from Jackson and we all walked to his place.

His sister was home thank god so I wasn't the only girl. "what are you doing home?" she asked. "hello to you to. And we came because Gretel got badge up by those two sluts. And she can't do anything. By the way. Can you get her some ice for her belly. Thanks Gemma. " said Jackson. I sat on the couch and just waited. Zac put some music on. And with that Gemma came into the room. She gave jackson the ice and he laid it on my belly. I squirmed because it hurt so much but zac and Gemma held me down so I couldn't move. Great. "stay still" said Gemma. My belly ended up going numb so it was kinda alright now. Out of nowhere zac asked would you guys like to come to my party tonight? "YEH!" we all replied. But then I realised I had no cloths to wear. Gemma saw the expression on my face. "don't worry. I'll have something you can wear. " "thank you" I replied. And with that we all went and got ready. Then we all headed off to zacs place.
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