i need you

gretel is your average girl. but everyone at her school hates her because shes not in the popular group. but one day something very bad happens but in result the best thing happens to her!


2. 2

Gretels POV, I got up in the morning dreading the up coming day. It's Monday and all the girls are extra mean today. I got up and got ready. My messy blind curls just won't settle so I chuck my hair up in a high ponytail. Pack my bag and head off to school. I was walking to the bus stop and I saw a car go past. Just my luck. Tiana, school bully is laughing and pointing at me with Gaby, her pal in the back. I just put my head down, put in my headphones and keep walking. I hear tiana screaming stuff at me through her window. "You look so ugly today. Not like that's a surprise! Hahaha. Dumb directioner!" Thts it. She crossed the line. No one insults that part of me. I yell back at her," AT LEAST US DIRECTIONERS AREN'T BITCHES LIKE YOU!"

Oh no. I shouldn't of said that. "YOU BETTER WATCH PUT AT SCHOOL!" yelled back tiana. Great. Just what I needed.

I get to school and walk through the front gate and there's tiana and Gaby waiting for me. Shit. They end up dragging me into the back passage where no one can see us and they chick me on the floor. "this is what you get for callin me a bitch you slut" said tiana. "like you can talk" I said under my breath. That's when she came at me. Gaby came behind me and held me in place while tiana kicked my stomach several times. The j heard someone screaming. It was Jackson. Thank god he was here. He was one of my few friends. " get away from her or otherwise you will regret it!" he yelled. "party pooper!" said gabby. And they walked away. Jackson got on his knees and aske me if I was okay. I just starte crying. He gave me a hug. My stomach hurt so much and my ankle was hurting to. I don't know what happened to it. Must of been the wat I landed when TEY chucked me to the floor. Then my other friend came running over to me. His name was zac. He asked what happened and jackson explained everything. So we came up with a plan so we could skip out on the rest of school.
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