Can you ever love another? (Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Damon Salvatore is a vampire, a cunning, sarcastic, sexy vampire.
Someone like Damon has never been alone in his life, in his entire 164 years of existence he has never been truly alone. So when the love of his life dies, he starts to experience the true meaning of loneliness.
Will he ever find love again? or will he spend the rest of eternity mourning his dead lover, being alone FOREVER.
What happens when he does finally start to feel for someone, someone none other than Katherine Pierce, A 16 year Bruntette with the same name as his dreaded ex, Kateria Petrova.


1. prologue.


Damons Point Of View;

It’s been two years, though it only feels like two days. Mystic Falls is a completely different place, but it’s still the same. Two years since I’ve seen Stefan’s annoying frown lines and heard Blondie’s sarcastic remarks. Sometimes I think everyone will come back, Jeremy, Caroline, Stefan, Tyler, Matt, Bonnie… but they won’t. Two years ago I wouldn’t have cared less if the quarter back was breathing the same air as me, I’ll never understand why vampires have to breath, but that’s beside the point, I’m alone, for the first time in 164 years, I’m truly and completely alone.

*two years ago*

Elena’s point of view;

‘Do you think Jeremy is ok?’ I asked Damon as he stroked the side of my cheek lovingly.

‘Elena, he wants to kill you, he should be the last thing on your mind right now’ he scoffed, most likely remembering my previous occurrences with Jeremy. I know Jeremy doesn’t want to hurt me, but Jeremy just isn’t…  Jeremy, at the moment.

‘Damon, his not himself right now and I need to be there for him’ I planted a gentle kiss on his sweet lips as I tried to escape his tight grip around me. Pulling me back onto the bed and he groaned.

‘Noooo, don’t leave’ he pressed soft kisses all down my neck as my pulse shook with desire.

‘Damon, stop it… I can’t concentrate’ I hung my head back in pleasure. ‘I need to go’ I started to sound like I was begging. It’s not like he was forcing me to be here, but right now Jeremy was my main priority.

‘Alright, Alright, The kid wins, see you later’ he rolled his eyes in annoyance as I headed towards his bedroom door, taking one look back at him and he flashed that devilishly grin I loved.

‘I’ll be quick, I promise’ and then like a flash of lightning, I was gone and outside of my home, staring through the darkened window.

‘Jeremy’ I called sliding the creaking door opening and taking in my surroundings. I hadn’t been home in almost two months so everything look so, unfamiliar.

‘Elena, is that you’ even Jeremy’s voice sounded odd.

‘JER’ I screamed grabbing him in for a tight hug. Although I had managed to contain my thirst, my throat still caught a light. It felt like there were tiny blades rubbing against the walls of my throat, the pain was only just bearable. 
Suddenly a burning sensation wrapped around my wrists and Jeremy smiled wickedly.

‘WHAT.... OUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCH’ I screamed as Jeremy threw me to the ground, chuckling. In the two months I hadn’t seen him, he changed. He became stronger, sneakier, not my brother.

The burning took over my mind, not allowing me to think at all.

‘Elena, Elena… you know better than anyone that you shouldn’t be here, you shouldn’t be alive… YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED ON THAT BRIDGE’ Jeremy was now wrapping vervain soaked ropes around my ankles.

‘Jer, don’t do this’ I was pleading, begging with every ounce of strength I had left. The vervain had sucked up every ounce of strength I had, It was intoxicating.

‘You don’t deserve to live, while innocent people like Vicki die because your boyfriend turned her, out of sheer boredom’ he stroked my hair, shoving almost two litres of vervain down my throat.

‘J..e..r…’ I tried to speak choking on the fire in my mouth, spitting up blood.

‘any last goodbyes?’ he asked, flipping open my phone.

‘DA.. DA… DAMON’ I shouted struggling to breathe. He placed the phone up against my ear and I heard the soft sound of the dial tone.

‘Hurry back already’ he teased and I lightly smiled. The sound of his luscious voice soothed me.

‘Damon, listen’ I knew Jeremy wouldn’t give me long so I had to make it quick before he started to question my tone of voice and come looking for me. ‘You were right, I did want a love that consumed me and I got that’ I spoke with my most calm and loving voice.

‘Elena what are you saying? What do you mean you GOT that? Past tense, ELENA?’ he panicked through the phone, I could already see him advising a plan to save me.

‘Damon, I love you and I always will’ as soon as those last three words slipped out of my mouth Jeremy shut the phone, tears began to fill up my sore eyes. I couldn’t move, the vervain had completely weakened me, I couldn’t stop the tears, and they just kept falling.

Damons point of view;

The phoned beeped into my ear and my mind began to think of the possibilities of danger Elena has encountered.

‘JEREMY’ I spoke to myself dashing out my door and heading towards the Gilbert house with my head full of fuzzed possibilities.

The door was open, allowing anyone to walk straight in, allowing anyone to walk past to witness.

‘JEREMY PLEASE…’ I heard Elena cry and my instincts took over. I got as far as the door before an invisible field bounced me back. That little brat had changed the deed; I was no longer invited in.

‘Uh.. Damon, just in time’ Jeremy laughed opening the door wider so Elena was now in view. Her pleading eyes reaching out to me, I just wanted to go grab her, take her away from this monster but that was a little impossible. It happened so fast, Jeremy smirked and pulled out an in craved wooden stake, stabbing it straight threw Elena’s heart.

Her body began to fade to a deep grey, vein like lines covering her entire body. That was the first time in my 162 years that time stood still, time completely stopped as I watched Elena lay, lifeless beneath that punks feet. I didn’t even realise that I was now curled up on the ground, my knees against the ache in my chest, the front door slamming into my face and Elena disappearing from sight. Everything was in slow motion, me standing up off Elena’s front porch, me running back home, me falling through the front door.

‘DAMON, WHATS WRONG’ Stefan hurried to my side, those annoying frown lines forming across his face. I needed a drink, I didn’t need to talk. I picked up the glass sitting it on the coffee table and poured the whisky slowly, taking it in one big gulp.

‘Elena, she’s dead, Jeremy’ was the only words I could speak. I watched Stefan’s face fall, than his body, than his heart.

Time stood still, something like that was rare for Vampires. Time was completely irreverently usually, time was just… time. Something I wish I had more of. 



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