Can you ever love another? (Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Damon Salvatore is a vampire, a cunning, sarcastic, sexy vampire.
Someone like Damon has never been alone in his life, in his entire 164 years of existence he has never been truly alone. So when the love of his life dies, he starts to experience the true meaning of loneliness.
Will he ever find love again? or will he spend the rest of eternity mourning his dead lover, being alone FOREVER.
What happens when he does finally start to feel for someone, someone none other than Katherine Pierce, A 16 year Bruntette with the same name as his dreaded ex, Kateria Petrova.


2. chapter one; fresh meat.


Well heres the first chapter, tell me what you think. Seriously though, if i dont get any comments i dont think i'll continue. :) x


Damons Point Of View;

I slurped down another gulp of whisky, letting the burn of the alcohol soothe me. Some people may think drinking at 6am wasnt appropriate, but those people didnt know me, didnt know Elena, didnt know how alcohol not only soothed my emotions but helped me control my thirst. I like how the bartender at the Grill just knew what to give me, i never had to ask, i would just come in and sit at the bar and immediately get given whiskey. Normally from the quarter back, but his long gone. 

'Another Damon?' The bartender asked, i couldnt quite remember his name. Greg? Harry? i dont know and i dont really care. 

'Do you really have to ask' I smirked sliding over my empty glass and watching him fill it up. I hated the small talk bartenders thought they had to have with their customers, honestly, its just not needed. 

'A new school year, New kids, fresh meat' He laughed as if that statement would phase me. Im not sure if he knew about me or not, he acted as if he did. But i never let him believe it. 

'Or just another bunch of kids walking around pretending like they know GOD DAM EVERYTHING' As i spoke i thought of Jeremy and Bonnie. They were always there, knowing everything, or wanting to know everything. Stupid kids. 

'Wasnt El-' And then he stopped as my eyes caught his, showing him the most threatening stare i could come up with. 

'DONT' was all i spat out, taking the last sip and standing up from the bar. 'DONT EVER SPEAK OF HER' i whispered through my clenched teeth, leaning over the bar. He stepped back, his facial expression going from calm to frightened within seconds. I picked up the glass and threw it at the glass window behind him, smashing it. 

As i walked out of Grill i saw all the kids running towards the high school. A new year, 'fresh meat'. That was actually something that grabbed my attention, but not for the reason Greg or Harry or whatever his name was thought. 'Fresh Meat', that sounded awfully tasty. 

The route home took me past the high school, i listened as they are squealed amongest themselves. 

'Is that Damon Salvatore, His so cute' A cute blonde girl whispered to her friend. As i shot a look at her she blushed slightly. She seemed like a good target. 

'KATHERINE' I heard someone call over the crowd, immediately i swung my stare into the that direction. Katherine, it couldnt be. No, no one had heard of her in over 2 and half years, even when El.. even when she was alive no one had heard of Katherine. 

As this 'Katherine' began to show herself i realised how foolish i was being. This wasnt Katherine. This girl was sweet, delicate. She had beautiful flowing brown hair like Katherines, but her deep brown eyes were genuine. She looked like Katherine in some ways, than in others she didnt. Her face was much smaller, glowing a enchanting pale white. I was drawn to her. 

'Um, Katherine. Damon Salvatore is looking at you' Her friend pointed out but Katherine didnt even bother to look my way. That felt familiar. 

'Who?' she chuckled, looking around her until she caught my eye. She paused for a spilt second, only staring, then she rejoined her conversation. 

Katherines Point Of View;

This will be the biggest facade i'll ever pull, Damon doesnt know whats coming for him. 
He will think he has the upper hand, what he doesn't realize is thats exactly what i want him to think.  

Once Olivia pointed out the fact that Damon Salvatore was staring at me i felt embarrased. I knew of his face, just not of his name. I saw him around quite alot, most of the time he looked sad and lonely, also smelt like grog, all the time. 

He was staring, quite intensely. His blue eyes not leaving mine. I felt like he was looking right through me, his eyes sort of moving in an bizarre but intriguing way. His thick black hair hung loosely across his fore head. There was no denying it, he was gorgeous and Olivia knew that also.

'Kath, he wont stop. Oh my god, that is so amazing. He must think your cute or something. How exciting, His so fit' She almost drooled all over me. 

'Stop it, what if he can you' I slapped her, panicked. 

'He is like 5 feet away, how could he hear us?' She smirked. 

'Yeah, your right' I shook my head in confusion. Why hasnt he stopped staring and why havent i stopped staring back. 

'Oh my god, his coming over here' Olivia squeaked in my ear. 

'SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP BE COOL WILL YOU' I begged of her. She had this tendency to sort of scream unexpectedly. 

He started to approach us, still not leaving my glance, squeezing past people until he stood right in front of me. A grin started to appear on his face before quickly disappearing again. 

'Ok, im going. I'll see you inside Kath' Olivia made a clean exit. Leaving Damon and i standing there, not speaking, just staring. 

'Katherine right? Im Damon, Damon Salvatore' His husky voice shook me. 

'Oh your Damon, i always knew your face just never knew your name' Oh no, it was happening. The rambling, once it started i could never stop it. 

'Im Katherine, but you already knew that. Katherine Pierce, but when Mum gets angry at me she calls me by my 'proper' name, Kateria Petrova, i know, its lame, it sounds like centurys old, i absolutely hate it' He placed one soft finger up to my lips. 

'Kateria, I think thats a beautiful name' As his fingers touched my lips and my breath got caught in my throat. He stopped my rambling, that was usually humanly impossible to do. 

Damons Point Of View; 


She blushed as i pressed my finger tips against her lips, trying to stop her rambling. 
I knew she was going to frustrate me, already i wanted to bite into her neck and sink up her warm blood, taste it on my tongue and feel it run down my throat. But her name and her name alone was a very big reason not too. 


well thats the end of the chapter, give me some ideas on how to write Damon. I find him very difficult. I dont want to make him, not like him. ya know, ya know. 


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