You're My Summer Love

Amanda Amardez is a normal 18 year old. When her sister, Anne Amardez, has to stay with Amanda because of her abusive father, they both go through thick and thin together. Their lives will change when they meet a particularly famous boyband. What will happen? Will there be love, friendship or more?


4. This Is Home For Now...

Amanda's POV: 20 minutes after driving from the Tullamarine Airport, Anne and I arrived at my apartment. I actually did park closer since there were a few car parks left. I unlocked the boot (Trunk or whatever) and Anne grabbed her things. "You live in one of these grand apartments!?" Anne asked excitedly. She looked up and saw how high the place was. "Yea, but its not literally grand," I replied while shutting the boot of the car and locking the car. "You got to be kidding. This looks extremely grand, or am I just blind." I raised an eyebrow at Anne and she laughed. I shook my head and we both walked in the entrance. "Mandi, shut up. This is grand as!"Anne said as she was looking at the glossy tiles and the mosaic wallpaper. "Well...It's simple, I guess." She playfully hit my arm when I was elevator button to go up. I gave her an evil stare and she looked around the place like she didn't do anything. We both laughed and we went in the elevator.

When I was in the elevator, I was thinking if she remembered that it was my birthday soon. She has probably forgotten, or maybe not. Anyway, is no big deal though, right? The elevator opened on level 11 and Anne went out of the elevator. "So, what is your room number?" Anne asked while I was looking for the card for the door. "Umm...It's number 211," I replied. She nodded and she followed me to my room. I heard a few boys laugh, and they sounded familiar. They had just come out of there room as I was unlocking my door with the key card. I didn't get to see who it was, but they sounded very familiar, too familiar that I got curious. I unlocked the door, and the first thing I could see was sun coming out of the big wall sized window. I let Anne in and closed the door. Anne dropped her suitcases and her handbag out of no where and jumped up and down clapping and shouting, "This is gonna be the best year ever!". I laughed and I watched Ann turn my stereo up. She danced up and down on my white leather couch and I grabbed her suitcases and headed to the guest room. I put her handbag on her bed and her heavy suitcases in a small corner. When I turned around, Anne was standing in the doorway. "Oh, hey. Like the house?" I asked. "Don't even ask homie! This is gonna be the best year ever!" She ran to me and gave me a big hug. I hugged her back and said, "Well, you enjoy yourself for now as this is home for now." She stopped hugging me and gave me a big smile. She ran out of the room and went back in the lounge to do some crazy dancing.

Anne's POV: I just can't believe that Mandi can stay in such a grand apartment! This place is amazing, inside and outside. This will be a great year. I don't know if I should tell Mandi that dad wants her to stay with him this time. She'd probably get extremely angry. I would too, but she knows that if she ever says no to dad, he would get angry. I continued my thoughts and still jumped on the white leather couch to the music.

Amanda's POV: I went into my bedroom and sat on my orange covered bedsheets. I thought long and hard about Jake. It seems like he doesn't care about me. How can I even forget about him though, he was my boyfriend for 10 months. I didn't even cheat on him! He was coming over to fix the flat screen TV and he tripped and fell on me. It was by accident, and Samuel has a girlfriend, who was my best friend! I hope nothing gets worse this year...
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