You're My Summer Love

Amanda Amardez is a normal 18 year old. When her sister, Anne Amardez, has to stay with Amanda because of her abusive father, they both go through thick and thin together. Their lives will change when they meet a particularly famous boyband. What will happen? Will there be love, friendship or more?


2. The Phone Call

Amanda's POV:

I then heard my iPhone 5 going off in the lounge. 'Let Me Love You' by Ne-Yo was my ringtone. I loved that song so much. I then bolted to the lounge room coffee table and quickly picked it up. I had a quick look to see who it was. Oh great, my sister from England. I havent talked to her in ages.

I answered the phone. "Hello?" I said charmingly. "Erm...Hi Mandy. Its me, Anne." Oh, I loved her British accent. My family used to call me Mandy as a child. I miss the memories. "Oh hi. It's been a long time. How are you now?". "I'm good Mandy. Oh and listen up. I have to stay at your apartment for a year...Is that ok because dad kicked me out just so his lady-friend can stay". Wow, this is why I hate my father. "Oh my gosh, Anne you can stay as long as you like!". I felt so bad for Anne. What kind of father would do that to his own daughter. "Sweet. Thanks Mandy. See you at 11am, and pick me up at the front of the Tullamarine Airport." Then we both hung up. Sweet, my sister is staying. First I gotta make the guest room clean, damn it!

I ran up the stairs and into the guest room. I then dusted the room, took all of the boxes I used to move into this apartment and made the bed nicely. I made the nightstand, cleaned the sidetables and opened the curtains to let the shining sun come into the room. Nice, all clean. I ran down the stairs and checked the time on the kitchen clock. 10:15, wow! It felt like it was only 9:00 a few minutes ago! I grabbed my Coach Handbag, iPhone 5, car keys and the card for the front door and headed down the elevator. As I was going down, my neighbour, Ellis was trying to pick her handbag that she dropped on the floor by accident. She is an elder, but she is very kind and she is always calm. I saw her struggling, so I picked up her handbag and gave it to her. "There you go Ellis," I said and gave her a small smile. "Thank you Amanda. How are you?" She asked, calmly. "Im great thank you. You Ellis?" I asked while getting my car keys ready. "I'm fine, just hating old age," She replied while slightly laughing. I giggled and waved goodbye. She waved goodbye back and walked amout of the elevator slowly with her walking stick. What a nice lady...

I walked out of the lobby and walked down the street to get to my car, since there were so many cars parked in front of the hotel. I could here my black pumps clacking on the pathway, I could feel my legs tight by my light washed tight denim jeans and I could feel the breeze slightly blowing my plain blue shirt and my chocolate Brown hair. It was a nice day today, and it was weather that I could get used to. I unlocked my car, hopped in and put my Coach Bag next to the seat beside me. I closed my door, started the car and drove off to the Tullamarine Airport to pick up Anne...
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