You're My Summer Love

Amanda Amardez is a normal 18 year old. When her sister, Anne Amardez, has to stay with Amanda because of her abusive father, they both go through thick and thin together. Their lives will change when they meet a particularly famous boyband. What will happen? Will there be love, friendship or more?


5. Starbucks?

Amanda's POV: I sat there for about 10 minutes, until Anne asked me if she could eat some food. "Of course Anne. I'll come down and help you," I replied to her. I ran down the stairs and Anne was sitting on the couch playing on her iPod Touch. She's had that since her 17th birthday, which was 6 months ago. I'm surprised that she still has that considering she loses everything. "Anne, what do you wanna eat?" I asked. She locked her iPod and ave her attention to me. "Well, since I am new around here, I dont know where everything is. it ok if we can go to Starbucks?" She asked. Aha, I work there but I am on break for a bit since I needed to get used to this apartment. I miss my job. It was so fun. I guess that if I went, I would be able to see my old friend Jennifer.

"Ok, we can go I guess. I will be able to see my old friend Jennifer," I replied. She jumped up and down excitedly and said, "Yay, I'll go get my handbag." I nodded. She went upstairs and I went upstairs too, obviously to fix myself up. I look a bit like a mess. I brushed my chocolatey brown hair and I put it up in a high ponytail. I added some extra mascara and put some lipgloss on. I then grabbed my handbag and checked if my iPhone 5 was there and my purse. Alright, I think I am ready. I ran downstairs and Anne was turning the radio on. She had changed her outfit. She was wearing thongs, tight denim jeans and a nice peachy top. She also had some sunnies as well. "Ready to go?" I asked as I grabbed my sunnies from the kitchen counter. "Of course I am! Let's go!". I nodded and we both headed to my car.
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