You're My Summer Love

Amanda Amardez is a normal 18 year old. When her sister, Anne Amardez, has to stay with Amanda because of her abusive father, they both go through thick and thin together. Their lives will change when they meet a particularly famous boyband. What will happen? Will there be love, friendship or more?


6. Im So Sorry!

Amanda's POV: 20 minutes after singing to songs and chatting with Anne, we arrived out of Starbucks. When we went in, there was a huge crowd around 5 boys sitting in a booth. Girls were screaming and screeching everywhere. I took of my sunnies and had a close look. I couldn't see very well because all the girls were in the way, but the 5 boys looked familiar. I think I've seen them on TV or something. "Anne, do you know these boys?" I asked, trying to get a glance of the boys. "Err, yes. It's One Direction. You know them right?" Anne replied. "No, I don't. I don't keep up with celeb gossip. You know that." Anne laughed and nudged me on the shoulder. "Hey what was that for?" I said, rubbing my arm. "That's for not closely looking at all of the posters in my room!". Anne crossed her arms and giggled. I laughed and I went to order our drinks and snacks.

"Hello. What would you like to or-" The girl stopped talking and jumped up and down. I was wondering why she was so excited to see me, until I realised that it was Jennifer. "Jennifer! It's been a while! How are you?" I said, exchanging hugs. "Im great! Just a busy day. One Direction just came in and there killing the place. Some girls just get coffees and stuff just so the boys can sign it!" Jennifer said, wiping her forehead with her hand. "I can totally see that. Also, do you remember Anne, my sister from England that I was talking about?" I asked pointing at Anne. Anne was staring at the boys surrounded by girls. I flicked Anne on her shoulder and her head immediately turned to me. "Oww!" Anne said, rubbing her shoulder. "Pay attention Anne! This is Jennifer that I was talking about," I said. She waved at Jennifer and Jennifer waved back. Anne then immediately looked back at the boys, joining the crowd without screaming and squeaking.

"So anyway, what would you like to order?" Jennifer asked. "Oh, 2 large hot chocolates and 2 choc chip cookies please," I said as I was getting my purse out. "Ok, that adds up to $15.50 please." I gave her $16 dollars and she gave me 50 cents back. "Thanks Jennifer. We'll talk soon?" I said, putting the change back in my purse. "Of course. Sit somewhere and I'll bring your stuff too you. We can chat then." I nodded and I grabbed Anne to follow me. "What are you doing?" Anne asked. "Were going to sit in a seat where you get a better view of the boys and a place that me and Jennifer can talk at." She nodded and we sat at a table to 4, very close to the boys. Anne and I could both hear all the girls screaming and shouting out "Oh my gosh, the boys are so hot!" and "I love you sexy boys". Anne and I couldn't stop laughing at all of the comments that the girls were giving them. "I hope you know that the blonde one was staring at you the whole time." I raised an eyebrow at Anne. "That's impossible. Famous boys will never like me," I replied. "That's totally not true Mandi! When you were ordering, he was staring at you big time! He didn't concentrate on the girls, just you." I looked over at the boys, and the blonde one was still looking at me. I gave him a smile and he smile back. Annes mouth dropped and she started to die of laughter. I hit Anne playfully on the cheek and she stopped laughing. "Act cool Anne! The one with brown eyes and brown hair is looking at you!". She quickly glanced at the one with brown eyes and brown hair and he winked at Anne. She then looked at me and tried not to laugh. "That would be Liam Payne. Well, Niall Horan seems to like you. He's the cute Irish leprechaun, as everyone calls him that," Anne said. "Hes kinda cute," I replied to Anne. "Well, he totally likes you so one of you'd better get a move on each other!" Anne said, jokingly poking me.

Jennifer came over with our hot chocolates and choc chip cookies on a tray, and sat down with us. "Hey Mandi. When I was looking at the boys, the blonde one was looking at you big time," Jennifer said while putting the tray on the table. "See Mandi! He was staring at you!" Anne shouted, maybe too loudly. The boys then looked at us, and we just pretended that nothing was happening. They all laughed and continued what they were doing. I think the boys were signing things for the fans. The blonde one couldn't stop looking at me. Every now and then he would glance at me. I drank my hot chocolate and the girls and I kept talking.

~Nialls POV: I couldn't stop looking at her. She was gorgeous. Her chocolatey hair and her blue eyes. She looked like that girl from my dream. Liam was sitting next to me, and everytime I look at him, he is staring at the girl with the one that looked like the one from my dream. I need to make a move before she goes. Liam does too. I tapped Liam on the shoulders, and that really startled him. He turned to face me. "Let's make a move. I know that your looking at the girl next to the one I am looking at." He blushed and nodded. "I'm gonna go put my drink in the bin. It tastes plain," I said to Zayn, who was on the other side of me. He nodded and I walked off to the bin. When I went over, I realised that I forgot my phone. I can never leave my phone when girls are around! I turned around and ran right into the beautiful girl. Her coffee went on my shirt and my hot chocolate went on her chest. She looked up and realised that it was me.

Amanda's POV: Oh my gosh! I just ran into Niall! Crap! "Im so sorry!" I shouted.

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