You're My Summer Love

Amanda Amardez is a normal 18 year old. When her sister, Anne Amardez, has to stay with Amanda because of her abusive father, they both go through thick and thin together. Their lives will change when they meet a particularly famous boyband. What will happen? Will there be love, friendship or more?


3. Finding Her Awkwardly

Amanda's POV: I drove to the Tullamarine Airport, which was about 20 minutes away from my apartment. I put my window down a bit and I turned my radio on. 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters And Men was on. I absolutely loved this song. My friend Jennifer, that I haven't seen in a while, showed me this song, and I just can't stop listening to it. I was still driving 60kph and I got a phone call. I wanted to pick it up, but as everyone (Well, most people) knows, no phones while driving. It was probably Anne, she might be there or her plane is on delay. I quickly checked my car time and it was 10:50. Why does time go fast! I was nearly there anyway. All of this traffic was shenanigans, it was just horrible to be in. I'm nearly there though...

10 minutes later after all of the shenanigans, I arrived at the Tullamarine Airport. Oh no, I don't know what plane she came here on. It makes life so much easier for me if she told me. Well, I could have asked her but...I forgot! I don't know what part to park in now, and now I have to pay to park in the other area! I drove over to the area where most of the people parked and payed $2 to park. I parked between 2 four wheel drives, so it was hard for me to park, get out of the car and most likely get in the car. I hopped out of the car, which was definitely a tight space, locked the car and walked towards the base. As I was walking, I saw a lady and a man singing with a guitar next to a pole. I wasn't sure what they sang, but it sounded great. There were a few people watching and going. There was a box that you could put change in, so I put in $1. They smiled at me while singing, and I smiled back and walked towards the base again.

When I got to the base, I walked around to see which station she was actually at. When I was walking around, I accidently knocked into someone and I fell, the person I knocked into actually fell as well. I looked up to see who it was. It was Anne, brushing herself off and getting back up. "Im so so- Oh my gosh! Mandi, its you!". She helped me up and hugged me tightly. "Yep, its me. At least I know where you are now." She laughed and I laughed as well. She then picked up both of her massive suitcases and asked "Where did you park your car?". "I parked my car in that public section because I didn't know what plane you came in," I replied while walking to my car, and her obviously following me. "Oh, sorry. By the way, I went in British Airways." I sighed and looked at her with 'I knew that' sarcastic look. "What, at least you know now." I sighed again and giggled a bit. As we arrived at my car, I realised that the 2 four wheel drives were gone. Yay! Easier for me to back the car. I opened the boot (Trunk or whatever you call the back of your car) and Anne put her massive suitcases in. She kept her handbag on her shoulder and I unlocked the car for her to get in. We both hopped in and I drove back to my apartment listening to random songs.
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