Live. While we're young

Eve 15 is best mates with Niall Horan but wants to be more when Niall votes to audition for x-factor eve watches him every week on it but when he is put in as a boys band and goes to Spain eve is diagnosed with cancer will nail ever find out before its too late


1. Last goodbye!

"Goodbye" Eve said. Shegave Niall the biggest hug ever he was going to audition for the x-factor today, it was the biggest day of his life. He said "bye I will to miss you like I miss Nandos." He got on the car and opened the window the black Kia drove down the end of the street she ran to the end of the gate "Love you" She thought She said it in herhead but Eve obviously didn't as all of Niall's family were looking at Eve. It was hard not to fall in live with Niall his beach blonde hair, his sparkly blue eyes and his Irish accent. He heard eve and shouted "I love you more." Niall's mum said to Eve " he really means it you know that he has had a crush on you ever since you broke up with Lee." Eve just looked her all she could think about was Niall. Why hadn't he said anything to her, is that why he kept flirting with her is that why. "Why would he love me? I'm just the same ad any other girl average brown hair green eyes and I'm tall. Not smart or pretty." Everyone looked at her all of a sudden Lee walked past he heard what they were saying and replied "Eve there are a billion girls out there in the world and out of all them he chose you be great full I know I was when we where together." The had carried to walk along the street and was gone before she knew it.
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