One Direction One Shots

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2. Niall and Courtney- R 18

It’s late when I reach her flat but I am hoping she isn’t asleep because I’m horny and need Courtney’s warm sexy body on top of mine. I take the key from under the mat and open her door quietly; the whole flat is dark and quiet I lock the door behind me and sneak into her bedroom. Her lamp is on but she is asleep I slide quietly into her warm bed and spoon her from behind; I push her blonde hair aside and kiss the nape of her neck gently. Courtney finally wakes and turns to look at me, I move in to kiss her and she puts her hand over my mouth and murmurs in my ear.

“What is that against my leg?” she nips at my ear causing me to become more aroused, she sits up and straddles me, and she finally kisses my lips, quick passionate kisses that cause my body to vibrate. “Why are you doing this to me?” I groan

“because I like to see you suffer” she says as she slowly unbuttons my shirt as she does places kisses down my stomach until she reaches the last button , I sit up, remove it and throw it down on her floor, turning back to her and slowly unbuttoning the shirt she wears to bed. It lands on the floor with mine, she unclasps her bra to reveal her breasts she continues kissing my stomach and starts unzipping my pants.

“Why must you wear chinos, they are too hard to pull off”

We both get off the bed and remove our remaining clothing.

She takes my cock in her hand as she straddles me “I want it right now” she moans “no fucking around I want you inside me right now”

I slide my cock into her wet pussy and as she accustoms herself to the length I use my fingers to work her clit, she finally slides it in completely and starts to writhe up and down. she is bucking as she builds up to her climax, my cock sliding against her g-spot, she slides up and down my cock I can feel myself about to come but I hold back so that we can come together . She lets out a huge groan and screams my name “Niallll, oh my god fuck me, fuck, fuck, oh I think I’m about to come” and just as she shudders into her first orgasm, I feel myself cum as her second orgasm hits. “FUUU-CCCKKK”

She climbs of my cock and lies down.

“god I missed you, why do you have to be away for so long?”

“I missed you to Courtney, im sorry its been so long”

“do you know how horny I get when your not here to fuck?”

“im sorry but you have to admit that we have bloody good sex when we see each other”

“yes this is true”

“I love you so much Courtney”

“I love you too”

“promise that you will always love me princess”

“forever and always, you are my prince Niall”

I cradled her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep together forever!

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