One Direction One Shots

If you have a one shot you want me to do just comment!


5. Louis and Julia

I flicked my hair out of my eyes, my long dark hair hung in loose curls down my back as I continued to do my make-up. I framed my green eyes with liner, flicking a wing in the corner my hand was shaking so hard but I had no idea why it was just another date with Louis, this one however felt like it was going to be different.

I slid on my cute black dress and a pair of silver heels; I was ready for my cute night out with my boyfriend of 2 years.

“Hey babe you look gorgeous”

“Thanks you don’t look so bad yourself studly”

“Ha-ha lets go I have the perfect evening planned for us”

“Oh yes and what is it that we are doing?”

“That’s a surprise babe!”

As we stepped onto the curb and headed into an awaiting car, flash bulbs blew up in our faces.

“Julia what are you wearing”

“Louis where are you off too?” and other such questions were being yelled our way.

We arrived at the restaurant Rizzoli’s in the centre of London and were whisked into a private room, which had rose petals spread over the floor and candles set up throughout the room.

“Oh wow Lou it’s beautiful, what’s the special occasion?”

“It’s our 2 year anniversary”

“Oh right, true I nearly forgot”

We sat down and our meal was bought to us, throughout the meal Louis looked pale and nervous. Finally dessert arrived on top of which sat a small velvet box, I picked it up and opened it, as I looked back up from the ring I noticed Louis down on one knee. Louis had the biggest grin on his face.

“Babe, I have been thinking about the perfect time and place to do this and I have decided that it is now, on our anniversary because I want you to be able to remember this as the day I not only remembered our anniversary but I also decided to ask you to become my wife”

I burst into tears, I couldn’t believe that Louis Tomlinson wanted to marry me; I forgot myself in the moment but was brought back by Louis clearing his throat.

“Yes of course” I managed to gasp out

Louis placed the ring on my finger and stood up enveloping me in his arms, his hand began to wander as the excitement overtook both of us. I whispered in his ear

“Wait until we get home”

We left the restaurant hand and hand both beaming at the fact that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

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