100 Days In London with You (1D story)

100 Days in London with you...........................................................................................

What will You do if you stuck with 5 boys in a hotel?? And spending time with them for 100 days??.

Sophia Bell. Normal 19 year old girl. Spending her life going to fancy hotels and doing fancy things. She's a Journalist. And one time she stuck into the same room with the band she hates.

One Direction. Sophia thought that She will got out but no. They're gonna bring her everywhere and gonna spend the 100 days with them.

And Maybe One of the boys will fell inlove with her?
Can Sophia survive??
Can her 100 days with them last??

Tune In


2. Wrong Seat

'Sophia's P.o.v'



                                                 I walk out of the building and walk to the airport. Waking is not my type , so I call out a Taxi Cab and hop in. I open the window and seeing the bright day of LA that I'll miss so much.It took 50 minutes to go to the airport.



So I'll spend my 50 minutes in the cab doing crazy stuff. Oops , I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Sophia Jane Bell. But people call me Sophia. I'm 19 years of age , and I like to eat and to sing. I have a beautiful brown hair but i dyed it too Blonde when I was 12 years old  and blue eyes.I'm not a girly girl. I'm just , I act like a boy. I love playing soccer too. I hate One Direction and I love Carrie Underwood.



So nothing special about me , except I hate the color Pink. I grab my I phone and played Temple Run.Well , I don't waste my time playing this game. I got my bags of jellybeans and throw them outside of the car. Nobody cares about what I do . People love me. I grow up here."Hi Sophia"The owner of the flower shop said to me "Hello Miss Smith"I shouted to her. I'll miss my home.





We reach to the airport "Here"I gave the driver the money "No thanks Miss Bell"He said "C'mon Mr. Arnold , You always there for me , just please"I beg him . "Fine and Have fun in London , promise me to tell me everything?"He said "Promise I said. I wave goodbye and walk to the airport.




"Flight from LA to London Now Boarding"



I walk to many places , got my ticket and got to the plane. Well , It's my first time to go to a plane . I'm a journalist. I've been around the world , but people come over in LA just to get an Interview from Me."Hello"A flight attendant said and I flashed a smile.




I sat down beside the window and grab my phone and played skater boy.And I saw someone sat next to me. I look up seeing a blonde guy . He flashed a smile and I just give big grin. "Niall Horan , and this seat taken?"He asked.





WRONG SIT. So , I'm sitting next to the guy from the band I hate.






This flight is gonna be interesting i think?







Hope U like It                                                   



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