100 Days In London with You (1D story)

100 Days in London with you...........................................................................................

What will You do if you stuck with 5 boys in a hotel?? And spending time with them for 100 days??.

Sophia Bell. Normal 19 year old girl. Spending her life going to fancy hotels and doing fancy things. She's a Journalist. And one time she stuck into the same room with the band she hates.

One Direction. Sophia thought that She will got out but no. They're gonna bring her everywhere and gonna spend the 100 days with them.

And Maybe One of the boys will fell inlove with her?
Can Sophia survive??
Can her 100 days with them last??

Tune In


1. Goodbye LA , And Hello London

`Sophia's P.o.v'



                                        I woke up the from the sounds of my alarm clock. I hit the stop button and it's still working so. I sit up , grab it and throw it to the wall . And it stopped and i flashed a smile."Morning world"I mumbled. I rolled down from my bed and I hit myself from the floor. I stood up and open the curtains. "What a bright and sunny day in LA"I shouted and makes the neighborhood starts shouting at me . And I closed the windows.




I'm not gonna last here in LA , gonna go to London. Well , it's my dream to come to London , but when I meet that stupid band, well I'm gonna shout and run. Well I hate them , so so hate them. What? I'm me and nobody can change me. it rhymes.



I walk to the bathroom , brush my teeth and gonna take a warm shower. The cool water hits me . I wash my hair with my shampoo and I scrub all the dirt that I have . I turn off the shower and grab my two towels and wrap my hair and my body.




I walk to my closet, seeing 1 clothes left . I start packing last night. I wore my White jeans , my red shirt , my blue cardigan and my Blue TOMS. 



I walk to my dresser and blow dry my hair and put into a French braid. Sometimes I my Mom. I live alone . My sister is in New York. My dad is in Spain and me? Here in LA.



I grab my small pouch and grab the things i forgot to bring. "I will miss my room and my life"I said . I grab my heavy suitcases and my blue backpack. I grab m key and lock the door. This is the last time I will see my precious room. I forgot something. something important. 



I walk to my favorite neighbor . Miss Johnson. She's my favorite. Even though I'm going away , we still keep in touch of some ways. I knock on her door and seeing her "Leaving today?"She said and I nodded. "I'll miss you"I said hugging her "me too sweetie"She said. I kiss her cheeks and wave goodbye.





Well goodbye LA Hello London....





First chapter ♥



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