It's All Over

***Sequel to "Secrets Lie Beneathe the Lines"
While MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Eleanor, and Harry try to find MaKayla's mother they run into obsticles revealing each and everyones past that could get each and everyone of them killed in a blink of an eye.


4. Damn!

"MaKayla Nicole Park, will you do the honors and marry me, to make me the happiest man on this planet?" Tears started rolling down my face. I couldn't force anything out of my mouth so I just nodded my head up and down.

He picked me up bridal style and wrapped covers around us and opened the door to our room and shouted the good news at the top of his lungs.

"MaKayla is going to be my wife!" he shouted happily.

"Dude! That's awesome! But go put on some clothes. Please??" Zayn looked down and realized he was to excited to at least tuck the covers some where so they wouldn't fall. But it was to late.

"Oh my god!" I yelled in embarrassment.

"Jesus Christ! Dang I never knew you had that good of a body MaKayla!" Niall laughed. Zayn looked a little pissed at that comment, but just turned around and closed the door behind us then we got dressed and went to go tell every body.

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