Rock Me.

[George Shelley Love Story as Larry Stylinson's love child & a little of Larry Stylinson.] [Go away if you are homophobic.]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.They wanted a baby,and Harry had found The False Mother Program.As Harry and Louis have their baby,they live a happy life.
When little George grows up,he meets Pollux Oxford,another girl from The False Mother Program,who is from a lesbian marriage.He starts liking Pollux,but then another girl comes,named Amelie,and she starts changing George's mind about Pollux.
Will George & Pollux stay in love or Will Pollux get tired of George because of Amelie?


5. Chapter 4: Pollux Marie Oxford.

George walked beside Pollux to their first class,Arts.Pollux was talking about her last time she went to France,where she met a man who smelled like fresh poop.She told some funny stories,in George's point of view.He was laughing,and it made him forget about everything.He felt so glad he had someone who understood him in every way.

"So,tell me about you,Pollux,"said George.
"Well,um,what do you want to know?"laughed Pollux.
"I don't know,just tell me about you,"shrugged George.
"Em,well,My complete name is Pollux Marie Oxford,I play the acoustic guitar,the drums,the electric guitar,and the bass,I have an older brother and sister,I am from Bournemouthe,and well,my favorite colors are the autumn ones,"Pollux smiled."Now,you."
"My complete name is George Paul Tomlinson,my dad is from the One Direction band,I play the acoustic gutar and sing,I have a little sister named Darcy,I am from Holmes Chapel,and well,my favorite color is blue,"George said.
"What happened to your Mother?"asked Pollux.
"S-she,died when I was little,"lied George.
"Oh,well,my Dad,I don't know him,I am adopted,though,"said Pollux.

George wanted to tell Pollux about him,the real him.He wanted to tell her that he was from a gay marriage,but he was afraid.Afraid Pollux would think of him as a weird person.He wasn't weird,he may be a wallflower,but well,yeah he was weird.He like he had known Pollux from a long time ago,but he just couldn't remember.He just felt it,felt they once knew each other.Pollux smiled at George,and showed him her schedule.

"I have Social Studies first,"pouted Pollux.
"Well,I'll see you at History,"said George.
"Yeah,see ya,"Pollux kissed George's cheek.

George stood there,wide-eyed.Pollux Marie Oxford had kissed his cheek.He just couldn't help but fall in love.As George entered to his first class,he just thought about Pollux.Maybe he could invite her to hang out at his place.No,George,shook his head.He hadn't told Pollux about his parents,he just hid it from her.But he felt Pollux had hidden from George too.

After the bell rang,George waited for Pollux at his locker,knowing Pollux's locker was in front of his.He excitedly smiled at her,and kissed her cheek.Pollux smiled,and opened her locker,and grabbed her books.They walked along,going to History.Pollux started telling George about her life again,but he still felt she had let something out.Something she was afraid to tell,but still wanted it to get out.What was the secret she was hidding?

"So,what is in your third hour?"asked George.
"Em,it is Arts,"Pollux raised her eyebrows.
"Eh,I have Geography,"chuckled George.
"Well,let's have this beautiful time together,"laughed Pollux.

They walked to History,George explaining Pollux about the school.Pollux had asked about George's eye,and he insisted that he was okay.His eye had stopped pulsing after an hour,and he just fel relieved.He had hated that feeling since he was a little kid,but still knew his heart was pulsing.He looked at Pollux's perfect jaw line,and he sighed.He wished for Pollux to be his best friend forever.
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