Rock Me.

[George Shelley Love Story as Larry Stylinson's love child & a little of Larry Stylinson.] [Go away if you are homophobic.]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.They wanted a baby,and Harry had found The False Mother Program.As Harry and Louis have their baby,they live a happy life.
When little George grows up,he meets Pollux Oxford,another girl from The False Mother Program,who is from a lesbian marriage.He starts liking Pollux,but then another girl comes,named Amelie,and she starts changing George's mind about Pollux.
Will George & Pollux stay in love or Will Pollux get tired of George because of Amelie?


4. Chapter 3: 12 Years Later.

George woke up by the sound of his clock alarm.It was a normal Monday like other,but he felt the strange feeling that it wasn't.He sat in his bed,waiting just a few minutes.He was too lazy in the morning,he didn't even remember what he was going to do.He wanted to staya in his bed,and he imagined his bed talking to him,but he shook his head.

"Georgie,wake up!"screamed Louis as he passed his son's room.
"I am!"replied George getting up from his bed.

He slowly walked to the door,and walked out to the bathroom.He just wasn't in the mood to rake a bath,but still took it.He couldn't be in a bad mood,because his mind had changed after the shower.He just reminded himself another day of bad things,just what they always made.

"Another freaking awful day starts,"mumbled George as he got out of the shower.

As he entered the school,the jocks laughed at him,and ran around him trying to make him fall.George ignored them,knowing it was the same routine everyday.He wanted them to stop,but he couldn't do anything.He was just invisble.He felt like he was the one who just stood there,anywhere,and if a car passed,the driver wouldn't care if he killed George.

"Hey,gayson!"screamed a jock."Welcome to the awful world of Heineken!"

George stopped for a moment to think of what the jock had said,and then without even noticing,they threw a punch at him.George fell to the floor,and moaned.He could contain the pain,but he might have broken or hurt something.

"Hey,you shouldn't do that!"screamed a female voice."You should be doing that to one of your height!"

The jocks laughed at that,but then recovered.They ran,terrified,like penguins trying to escape,another hitting wih each other.George opened his good eye,and saw a tanned girl.She had long,black hair,and when she turned around,he saw those chocolate brown eyes he once loved in his life.

"Hey,are you okay?"asked the girl.
"Y-yeah,"stuttered George.
"Well,it doesn't seem like it,"the girl chuckled."By the way,I'm Oxford.Pollux Oxford."
"I'm George."
"Well,George let's get you to the infirmary,to check your eye."

Pollux offered George her hand,and George took it.Pollux pulled him up,and helped him to the infirmary.George started talking to Pollux about how he had been bullied since he was 8,when his parents went to school.He had explained detailed,but didn't say that his parents where gay.

"I met those guys in the morning,"said Pollux."They whistled at me,and called me babe."
"Are you new?"asked George.
"Yeah,it doesn't feels good,"Pollux sighed."I just feel lonely,not knowing anyone."
"You know me now."

Pollux smiled at George,and they finally got to the infirmary.Mrs.Feder was there,making some appointments.As she looked up,she gasped.

"What happened to you,Georgie?"asked Mrs.Feder.
"I-I,um,he-"George was interrupted by Pollux's voice.
"Grant Austin punched him in the face,"said Pollux.
"Why?"Mrs.Feder examined George's eye.
"Well,Grant said it was a 'welcoming treat',"Pollux shook her head in disappointment.

Mrs.Feder gave another dramatic gasp,and sat George on the little bed at the corner.She examined everything about him,asked him some questions,and put meat in his eye.She left for some minutes,and Pollux smiled at George.

"Do I look bad?"asked George.
"Maybe,"laughed Pollux.

And since then,Pollux and George became best friends.Ad maybe secrets were hidden,maybe their past lives weren't to clear to remember.But once in their lives,they were thise little kids playing 'The Lava Game' at the park.
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