Rock Me.

[George Shelley Love Story as Larry Stylinson's love child & a little of Larry Stylinson.] [Go away if you are homophobic.]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.They wanted a baby,and Harry had found The False Mother Program.As Harry and Louis have their baby,they live a happy life.
When little George grows up,he meets Pollux Oxford,another girl from The False Mother Program,who is from a lesbian marriage.He starts liking Pollux,but then another girl comes,named Amelie,and she starts changing George's mind about Pollux.
Will George & Pollux stay in love or Will Pollux get tired of George because of Amelie?


3. Chapter 2: First Play-Ground.

George ran around the house,as Louis tried to make the food.George was singing his favorite somg from the old show Barney,that his father,Harry,had showed him in YouTube.Darcy was eating her Gerber,spitting it with the spoon all over the kitchen.George went to the living room,where he had his toys spilled all over the floor.He started dancing with one of them,making Louis smile.Darcy was still eating her Gerber,when someone entered from the front door.

"Boo-bear!"exclaimed Harry."I am home!"
"Welcome home Honey,"smiled Louis at Harry.

Harry grabbed Louis by his waist,and gave him a pssionate kiss.Darcy giggled,and George covered his eyes.Harry pulled back,and smiled.Darcy still giggled,and Harry grabbed her.He gave her a kiss in her little forehead.

"How's my little Darcy doing?"asked Harry.
"Dwaddy,"she said in a littl voice.
"Omigod,Louis!"Harry exclaimed."She talked!"
"OMG!"screamed Louis."Say it again darling!"

Darcy just giggled at the excitement of her parents,she covered her eyes and kept giggling.Louis smiled at his daughter,and grabbed her from Harry's arms.Louis made funny faces to her,and Darcy giggled.George had anserious and jealous face.Harry slowly walked up to him,and surprisingly,lifted George to the sky.George giggled,and grinned.

"You know what is in a week?"asked Harry to George.
"What?"said George's 3-year-old self.
"Your fourth birthday!"exclaimed Harry.

George giggled,and danced happily around.He imagined balloons,cake,ice cream,and lots of presents in his birthday party.His parents had been planning it since a month ago,and all George's little famous friends,would go.He excitedly clapped,and covered his eyes.

"Lunch's ready!"exclaimed Louis."After this,would you want to go to the park?"
"Yeah!"screamed George."Could we watch a movie too?"
"Sure,Georgie,"smiled Harry.

George started dancing around again,and went to his seat at the table.Louis started serving the lunch -which was fetuccini alfredo- and gave Darcy another Gerber.Harry sat by the left side of George,and smiled as his husband served him the lunch.Harry has been loving his life since he met Louis,and even more since he married him and started a beautiful family.

"I am really blessed,"said Harry excitedly.
"Why is it that,Love?"asked Louis curiously.
"Because I have an amazing husband,and two beautiful children,"Harry grinned at little Darcy and George.

George skipped the plain stones that laid in the park floor.He played The Lava Game.His dad,Harry and him,had created it and consisted in that if you touched the lava,you'll get killed and if it didn't you would stay alive.Once,George gave an idea to his father.

"Save the lady!"George had said.
"If you want to,"shrugged Harry.

George had saved a invisible girl (who's name he didn't tell),and smiled as his Father congratulated him.George had given himself super-powers,but now he didn't care about 'em.He now wanted to be like that old movie guy named Indiana Jones,and have that leather jacket and lasher.He imagined himself as Indiana Jones,saving the lady in trouble.

"Cwan I pway?"asked a little voice.
"Uh?"George looked up to see some chocolate brown eyes.
"Cwan I pway?"the girl asked again.

George stood there,frozen for a moment.He couldn't tell,if he wanted someone playing with him or if he wanted to play alone.The girl smiled ,and tried to say something,but shut her mouth.She then stood thinking,and looking at George too.George gave a step forward the girl,and examined her again.

"Yweah,"agreed George."You can,wanna be the lady in trouble?"
"What shwould I dwo?"asked the girl."What's ywour nwame?"

George smiled and ran around.He had made a new friend,a friend he would never forget.A friend he would someday see again.
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