Rock Me.

[George Shelley Love Story as Larry Stylinson's love child & a little of Larry Stylinson.] [Go away if you are homophobic.]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.They wanted a baby,and Harry had found The False Mother Program.As Harry and Louis have their baby,they live a happy life.
When little George grows up,he meets Pollux Oxford,another girl from The False Mother Program,who is from a lesbian marriage.He starts liking Pollux,but then another girl comes,named Amelie,and she starts changing George's mind about Pollux.
Will George & Pollux stay in love or Will Pollux get tired of George because of Amelie?


2. Chapter 1: Darcy Bianca Tomlinson-Styles.

Harry sighed,and looked down at his watch.It had been 3 hours since Julissa had come into labor,and he was nervous.Louis and Harry had decided to have another baby,a baby girl,and the contacted Julissa,who accepted gladly,and surprisingly,she was having a girl.Harry looked down again at his watch,Why was he nervous?He wasn't having the baby,neither his husband.Why was he so nervous?Harry slowly stood up,and walked around the room.Back and forth.Back and forth.He couldn't stop thinking about the baby girl.

Louis looked up at his nervous husband,trying to calm little George down.Louis slowly stood up,and walked to Harry.He pecked his lips,and Harry finally kept calm.Louis looked into Harry's eyes,and smiled.Harry smiled back,sitting on the white,comfy sofa again.Little George was now playing with Louis' phone,the Temple Run music playing on.Louis looked at Harry,who was chewing his little finger now.

"Harry,darling,why are you so nervous?"asked Louis patting Harry's shoulder.
"I just,you know,I am nervous because of the baby girl,"said Harry.
"Why?"Louis raised his eyebrow.
"Because ,you know,we have not had a baby girl,and well,I just don't know,"shruugged Harry.
"We know how to treat her,we have sisters Harry,"Louis whispered.
"It isn't the same,Louis,"mumbled Harry.
"It is,"Louis started,"it's just something more little and fragile,we'll help each other throught this."

Those last words made Harry smile.They had been strong since Day One,and now,from a Month for their 2nd Wedding Anniversarry,they kept strong.They were an amazing family,Him,Louis,little George,and soon,little Darcy.Harry hugged his husband and son,and kiss both their foreheads.He was happy to have a supportive family as this one.

"The baby is born,"said a nurse."You can go and see her."
"George,could you be quiet just for some minutes?"asked Louis to little George.

George nodded,and grabbed his Mommy's hand.Harry,Louis,and Little George,walked to the white walls,to see little Darcy.Louis smiled as she spotter Darcy on a corner.Darcy moved her little hands around her face,she seemed like she wanted to grab something.

"She looks so cute,"whispered Louis."She looks just like us two."
"George,that's your litte sister,Darcy,"said Harry to his son as he pointed to the corner.
"She's so lwittle,"George admired.
"Yeah,she's fragile too,"pointed out Louis.

Georg giggled as she saw his littlemsister move her little hands around her face again.Louis remembered the first time he saw George,he was a little as Darcy and looked almost the same.Harry took Louis' hand in his hands,and kissed it.Louis smiled,and got closer to Harry.They knew the future was growing stronger,them being happy and having a daughter was the best think that could ever to them.

Louis slowly gave Harry George's hand,while he grabbed little Darcy in his arms.Harry opened their home,and George entered running to the back patio.Harry and Louis started going upstairs to little Darcy's room,and stayed there with her.Harry grabbed Darcy in his arms,and Louis took a photo,which he published on Twitter.

"Say hi to Darcy Bianca Tomlinson-Styles!"Louis exclaimed happily.

Harry smiled,and sang Isn't She Lovely to Darcy.Darcy yawned at the end of the song,and Harry left her in her crib,while Louis went downstairs.Harry followed Louis,and smiled.Louis slowly got close to Harry,and kissed his soft,strawberry-flavored lips.

"This is a new step for our lives,"said Louis.
"And we are doing it great,"Harry sighed.

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