Rock Me.

[George Shelley Love Story as Larry Stylinson's love child & a little of Larry Stylinson.] [Go away if you are homophobic.]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.They wanted a baby,and Harry had found The False Mother Program.As Harry and Louis have their baby,they live a happy life.
When little George grows up,he meets Pollux Oxford,another girl from The False Mother Program,who is from a lesbian marriage.He starts liking Pollux,but then another girl comes,named Amelie,and she starts changing George's mind about Pollux.
Will George & Pollux stay in love or Will Pollux get tired of George because of Amelie?


1. Prologue.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson smiled as they looked at each other.They were finally going to get married.As they signed the marriage contract,they already wished for lots of things.They wanted to have those passionate kisses back,have those beautiful nights together,cuddle with each other.

"Now,Louis Tomlinson,you may kiss Harry Styles,"said the lawyer that was marrying them.

Louis looked at Harry's bright green eyes,and slwly leaned in to kiss Harry's soft lips.As everyone clapped at the background,the Larry Stylinson Bromance now became true,forever.Harry smiled as Louis broke the kiss,to grab his hand and walk out of the building to the after-wedding party.They had a lifetime to spend together,and now they could do it,without any problem.

27th July,2015.

Harry walked hand-in-hand with Louis to the hospital,where the false mother was having thir baby.Harry had found on internet a program named The False Mother Or Father Program,where women who didn't want a baby,but wanted money,selled their ovaries for the gay or lesbian marriages to have babies (if it was a gay marriage:one of the men would send a sperm that would be inserted on the Mother,if it was a lesbian marriage:the Program would send a sperm from the choose of the marriage to them and insert it on one of the woman,and after the nine months,they would have their baby or pay for it).

Louis and Harry had chosen a 24-year-old woman named Julissa,who had almost the same characteristics as them;she had Harry's green eyes,Louis' straight hair,Harry's flirt and voice,and Louis' bum.Harry had told Louis to give his sperm,and Louis accepted,because they both knew Julissa looked a lot more like Harry.

"So,if it's a girl,we are naming her Darcy Bianca,"said Louis."Because you've always wanted a girl."
"And if it's a boy,we are naming him George William,"Harry replied."Because you wanted a boy before a girl."

As Harry and Louis waited for Julissa to give birth,they talked about the baby.How would he look like,how he would talk,how he would sing.They tought about the baby's future too.Harry and Louis were too excited,they even wanted to scream when they told them about the baby been born.Harry and Louis talked for a couple more hours,until Doctor Lamar came.

"The baby has born,"Doctor Lamar said."It is a boy."

Harry and Louis fangirled as they walked hand-in-hand to where the baby was.They both knew the perfect name was George Paul Tomlinson-Styles.Harry smiled as he saw his son cry,that meant he was in good state.Louis took a photo without flash to the baby,who was in his yellow suit.Harry and Louis looked at each other,knowing two days after,they could take his baby home.

29th July,2015.
As Harry and Louis took little George home,they both smiled.They were excited to finally have their son home,and in it's room.They had decorated the room,one day before,fastly,so they could sleep.It was perfect,it had airplanes and little stuffed animals,all those things about the future were lies.There wasn't anything new,it had stayed old-fashioned,and they liked it.

"I think this means a new step to our lives,Louis,"said Harry.
"Definetely,Harry,"Louis smiled,and kissed Harry.

They both knew they were happy now,everything was perfect.And they wanted a bigger family,maybe they would add a new member to the family next year.
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