I knew you were mine

Nialls world is crashing down instill he meets the love of his life


1. The first day

Nialls POV; i woke up when my dreaded alarm went off . It was a Monday which made it even worse . Over the weekend my girlfriend broke up with me , I got grounded , and I got kicked out of Nando's :( . ( apparently your not allowed to order more than 20 times !) I was sure today was going to be horrible . I got out of bed took a shower , got dressed and did my hair , then went down stairs for breakfast . Well I was out of my favorite cereal and I didn't have time for anything else . I gathered my things and headed off too school ..... It started to rain :/ I walked in the school doors dripping wet . My best friend Sean came over and laughed " it's not funny Sean !" I said "umm sure .. It's not funny " miles smirked . I got to my locker and was ready to head to class when I turned around and saw her !
Alycia's POV; I walked in the school doors frightened . It was my first day at St.Marys and i didn't know anyone . I had moved in over the weekend from Dublin . My dad got some new job as a music competition director?? Idk really . When I got my schedule I started looking for my classes . Each hallway I walked down was crammed with kids and unlike my old school there were actually some pretty Hot guys there but only one stood out and he seemed to notice me :)
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