My Other Life

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”
- Dr. Suess


2. Backstabber

                 I'm hanging out with some people, sitting in a booth in the back corner of some run down diner. And I can't believe what happened at school today. You're probably wondering what happened, and all I can tell you is that Terese happened. I thought she was one of my three ACTUAL friends and, like normal, I was wrong.

                Terese embarrassed me in front of everyone . Actually, not everyone, but it was still a lot of people. I guess she's still mad about that time in 1st grade when I told everyone her crush. But this, this was just plain cruel. She said to everyone in our gym class (which is half of the kids in our grade) that my mom is a slut. Then when I told her it wasn't true, she screamed at me and said " If your moms not a slut, then where do you get it from?". So then I slapped he across the face and she pounced on me and grabbed my bra straps and pulled them back and was about to let go so that they would hurt me, when they snapped, and broke.


                                 She is dead on Friday when my suspension ends.



                 I get up from the table, excuse myself, and go home because I can no longer bear pretending to be friends with idiots. I run to my room, and ignore the make-out session my mom is having with some dude. Business as usual. At least I have some options.                                                                        

                  I decide I am going to D #1739. Or, since I haven't explained this yet, dimension number 1739. In this dimension, I am president. Time stops when I leave any dimension, until I return. I think I am the last of the Dimies, because I have never heard of or met any others besides my mentor who was killed. Dimies are the people who can go into other dimensions. D #1739 is the 1739th dimension I have discovered since my mentor died. The creators are the people who make, or dream up different dimensions, and there are only three. There is only one dimension that Dimies, Creators, and Normalities can go to, and that is the one I am in now, also known as D zero. D zero is the "real" reality, the one dimension that everyone experiences, not only Dimies. Normalities are simpletons, only being able to go into D zero. Normalities have a much smaller brain than Dimies, and Dimies have a much smaller brain than Creators. Normalities don't even know what they're missing. If D zero didn't exist, normalities wouldn't exist either.



                                                                      Normalities need D zero.



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