Fallen angel

Harry and niall fall in love with an angel and both Niall and Harry dont know that shes an angel so both fight for her love.


2. Fight and fly

I was trying and trying and i couldn't get my wings out and the worst of all is that my birthday is in 2 weeks thats when the moon will turn me into completly human or angel if i get my wings out.


-Get out of my way stupid bird!!!!

oh no it was Mikael a black angel from the devil crated to make our lifes miserable and uh he came with his friends Ylahiah, Leia and Rehael they had horrible powers, Mikael had better abilities fighting and incredible strenght the others where like his guards Ylahiah could make shield for herself and for others and avoid atacks, Leia could hurt you with just seeing you directly in the eyes and its really tempting seeing her eyes,  Rehael could paralize your 5 senses. I was seeing the fight the warriors and some angels where fighting when I started running to a bow and include into the fight when i realized that there were more black angels no one seamed to have powers until one was coming into me and throw me a knife i avoid it but it cut a little my arm so then i shot him into the head i felt a little tickling and my back bones started to go out then another angel tried to kill me and i used the knife that the other angel throw me, then i started feeling more my senses started getting better i felt stronger and the tickling in my back grew but then i felt a part of me free i saw behind i had wings.

They were beautiful a pure white and brown at the end then i started fighting i killed like some 57 in 6 minutes i was like my father an excellent warrior but then i realised that Leia was watching me when i turn to  see her in the eyes she couldn't i felt happy she came into me and saw me into the eyes really sharply an i saw her the same way into her red and black eyes jus luke the others she started seeing me like if i was something ugly so i started  seeing her the same way she was wearing black leggings a black shirt and a jacket with silver peaks and black converse then i thought of the knife i quickly buried it in her stomach and saw her fall with the knife inside her and then die when Mikael saw me he smiled and came near me almost touched were my heart is ubicated Melahel came screaming and started fighting and hurted her she was in the ground and then i get over him i threw his knife into the floor almost kill him when god came from the high

-Stop!! Stop it now!!! - god screamed 

Almost the half of my angels where black now and the other half were agonising for  hurt god turn all the angels to white again and then Mikael and his friends were going down again.

I was happy because i had my wings when god went i started to fly with the others for the victory thanks god.

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