Fallen angel

Harry and niall fall in love with an angel and both Niall and Harry dont know that shes an angel so both fight for her love.


3. Bad girl

When I started using my wings I didnt did my lavors and i just started being annoing all hated me but at the same time liked me because i was like my dad i started bulling others just because i was better than them my friend stopped being with me i started being egocentric and a bad girl.

-Aniel you are going to yur first mission-said the coronel who put us assigments to help the earth 

-ugh- i said disgusted

-Dont talk to me like that lady

-Who says that i cant talk like that

-Fight!!!-all screamed

The coronel get out his large knife and  me my bow i put on the both extremes some knifes so i could kill with that ends too

We started fighting he tried cutting my arm but he couldnt so i just pushed his knife down on my feet and pinted to him with my bow

-I am best than you, jerk- i said to him and i went out flying i was smiling i felt good i was born to be bad not good i went to my house and i saw the coronel and god in my house

-You are going to earth Aniel- god told me 

-Why?- i said

-you dont belong in here

-I belong more than the coronel

-shut up and pack what you need you will go to find again yourself because you are bad so you will leave in the morning and i think that your parents would be disapointed of you Aniel and i know you are good you just need to find yourself again goodbye

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