Fallen angel

Harry and niall fall in love with an angel and both Niall and Harry dont know that shes an angel so both fight for her love.


1. Me, myself and I

When i woke up i saw the face of my friend Melahel the angel of the summer she is blonde like sand with freckles and blue eyes like ocean she was wearing a dress with blue and white stripes and brown sandals.

-Hi??? Woke up!!! You have to practice-she said with a raspy voice

-Going!!!!-i screamed

I put on a brown shirt and  black shorts i take an apple and went out to see my friend already in her bicycle i eat half apple and then put it in a trashcan i went up to my bicycle and started pedal into the practice center i needed to get out my wings so i could  fight and go to the human world i wanted to go in there but i also wanted to be an angel because if you turn 19 and dont get out your wings you would be a human and i have 18 years just like my friend but she got out her wings when she was 11 years old i was born in November so that means that i'll be a harvest angel.

-We're here!!! -scream Aniel 

She left her bicycle and got out her wings they were beautiful they were white and at the end they were the same color and radiant as the sun.

-Come on- she said to me

-i want to get out my beautiful wings-i said a little sad 

-its okay-she said to me while rubbing my back-you will get them out when its time and that time maybe is today- she said to me while getting out a little smile

When we got inside all were looking at me like if i was a strange thing and that made me feel sad. I went to a room with some kids 3 get their wings out i was feeling bad they suddenly went flying into their mothers my parents died fighting my mother was a winter angel and those are really weird and my father was Warrior angel he was the captain the colony thought i was going to be a really powerful angel my grandma that is one of the angels that see what is your  talent told me that i would be a really good warrior like my father and strange but beautiful and special as my mother and there are only 3 harvest angels in my colony including me but that depend in my wings and not in my parents. 

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