My Tattooist.

"You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me."

I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked me deep in the eyes,I knew what he meant. 'I was slowly destroying his heart by ignoring him'.


1. Only Time Will Tell.

My feet moved to the rythm of the music,and my hand moved as softly as it could.My mind was in another world while I was drawing.Drawing my personal heaven.I sometimes mumbled to myself as I drawed,pointing out the imperfections on it.I was a real perfectionist,but at the same time I was the messiest girl in the world.I couldn't stand being really organized,but sometimes I tried to.

"Come Together,right now,"I sang/mumbled as I was drawing.

My mind was off at that little world I'd created.My little stories,with leprechauns,unicorns,and gnomes.I chuckled at my crazy imagination,I couldn't erase it from my mind.I sometimes tell to myself I am crazy and that I should go to the mental hospital,but crazy people are the nicest people you could ever meet.Aunt Petunia was like that.She was one of the nicest people of the world I've ever met,but she had something wrong.She always talked alone,and served extra dishes when we ate with her,she laughed at all time and talked to her imaginary friends,Maya and Tyler.I sometimes swore Maya and Tyler looked at me or something,but then my Nana and my Mom sent her to the mental hospital.

"Is it ready,gorgeous?"asked a raspy voice behind me.

I swore I jumped 3 centimeters from my chair.I hated this guy.He worked with me at the tattoo parlor,and he was like my stalker.Hyde knew everything about me.I don't know how,I don't know why.I just hated him.He was pretty handsome and all,but he was a player.He brought every week a new girl to the tattoo parlor,the girls stayed all-day watching him do his work,and,BAM!,another girl,comepletely different,came the next week.I swear he had sex with every one of them,and I feel like he got one pregnant.

"Could you stay away,please,Hyde?"I asked at the most politely way I could.   

"No,can't do that,gorgeous,"he whispered in my ear.

It sent shivers down my spine,but not for the seducement,but for the scary way he was telling me.stood up from my chair,and walked out the room.I started searching for a good place to stay quiet,but he kept following me.Then I thought again,the reception.I slowly and silently made my way to the reception,not wanting to bring Hyde's attention.

"Mia,your customer's here,"said the receptionist,Kylee.

"Thanks,"I said as I walked to her.

"Who is it?" Kylee pointed at a young man who was sitting by the window,and I smiled.I walked to him and tapped his shoulder.He looked back at me and smiled.

"Hi,I'm Mia,"I said."You're getting a tattoo,right?"

"Hello,I'm Liam,"his velvet voice sounded perfectly."And yes,that's right."

I swore he was a meter taller than me.I needed to stand in my tip-toes to look at his face.I was 4'11.I smiled and grabbed his hand,leading him to the chairs.He sat in the one I was going to tattoo him,and I went to grab the drawings I had made for him.

"So here's something inspiring I made for show,"I said showing him the quote.

"Only time will tell...,"Liam read."I love it."

"Thanks,well,is it that,or do you want another?"

"I am in love with this one."

He smiled,and I went to grab my gloves and the material I needed for making the tattoo.The tattoo would at least need an hour or so,but it would fit perfectly.

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