My Tattooist.

"You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me."

I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked me deep in the eyes,I knew what he meant. 'I was slowly destroying his heart by ignoring him'.


2. Liam Payne's Fears.

I slowly marked the tattoo perfectly,and made my job.He looked so calmed while I did the remarking,but yet,his eyes shoot fear.I could see he wasn't really comfortable doing this,I wanted to stop,but I wouldn't,unless he told me.I could help him,but a part of me told me to leave him.To leave him do his decisions.If this is what he wanted,then he'll just decide it.

"And,done,"I said putting the things on the table.

He looked at the new tattoo in his fresh,red skin.At first,he looked worried,but then,his eyes looked at me and he smiled.I smiled back,he stood up from the chair and looked at himself in the mirror.He looked really different.I knew who he was,and,well,he had changed.But he was still the same,smart and innocent Liam Payne.

"Thank you very much,"said Liam.

"No problem,"I smiled.

He slowly went out to the reception and I sat on my chair.I couldn't imagine him like Harry Styles or Zayn Malik,all tattooed but hot.He was so innocent,I didn't look at him in the future with lots of tattoos.I looked myself in the mirror,and looed for my tattoos.One in my wrist,one in my ankle,one in my hipbone,one at the back of my neck,and one at my leftwrist.I imagined myself at primary,all innocent and sweet.

"I've changed,"I whispered to myself.

I knew Liam had started changing since he broke up with Danielle,and that was really harsh.He must be really heart-broken.I wasn't really a One Direction fan or as they called themselves 'Directioners',but my daughter got me into it.She's one year old,and I just can't imagine how much she loves them.She made me buy her their 'Up All Night' CD.It was her birthday present on October 1st.She giggled when I gave it to her.

"Hey,"said a masculine voice behind me.

I turned around to see Liam coming back.I wanted to tell him that if he could give me an autograph for my daughter,Emily Renee,but I was afraid that he would think I would fangirl.

"Hey,"I replied smiling."Could you do me a favor?"

"Yeah,"Liam said. "Em,could you give me a autograph for my daughter?"

"S-sure." I grabbed a fancy pink paper,gave him a pen and he signed it.

I thanked him,and he gave me 5 pounds,and I was surprised.I thought he would like,despise me,because I was pregnant at a young age.But as they say,don't judge a book by its cover.

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