My Tattooist.

"You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me."

I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked me deep in the eyes,I knew what he meant. 'I was slowly destroying his heart by ignoring him'.


6. Fear In Those Chocolate Brown Eyes.

The fear didn't show anymore in his eyes,but I still felt it.He was really relaxed while I made the tattoo,he looked at his arm,where I was doing the tattoo.He didn't say anything while I made it,he sometimes stared at me,but when I looked at him,he turned away.He looked a bit different since the last time I saw him.His face was a little bit more sad,a little bit more tired.

"Are you okay?"I asked Liam.

Liam looked at me and nodded.An hour ago Liam looked happy,now he had a worried look.I couldn't see him like this.I hated seeing people who looked sad.I stopped making the tattoo,and looked seriously at him.He looked at me as if I was crazy,and I stood up from my seat.

"Why are you like that?"I asked.

"Like what?"Liam remarked.

"Like depressed,"I blurted out.

"I-I,"Liam hesitated."Could we just finish,and then I tell you?"

I nodded,and I went down again.It took thirty more minutes until I finally could finish the tattoo.His sadness made me think of only him,only his face,his feelings,but I just couldn't anymore.I couldn't fight the feelings I had inside me.I felt things I had not felt since I was younger and in love.

"Done,"I smiled.

"Thanks,"Liam looked at me."Should I start?"


His words made me feel like the worst person.He started telling me all his story,everything he had passed through.His childhood,his teenage young days,and now.He was sad about the present,because he had lost Danielle,his girlfriend.They had broken up because of haters.Wow.I just think,my story was nothing compared to his.

"Would you tell me about yourself?"Liam asked.

"Well,it'll take a lot of time."

"W-well,then,go out with me tomorrow,you can bring Emily too."


Liam smiled and stood up,leaving me without anymore words to say.He was such a gentleman,and he even seemed to love the thing I loved the most,Emily Renee.

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