My Tattooist.

"You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me."

I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked me deep in the eyes,I knew what he meant. 'I was slowly destroying his heart by ignoring him'.


3. Emily Renee's Reaction.

As I closed the parlor,I thought about Emily.She would be so happy when I give her the autograph from Liam Payne.I didn't understand how a one-year-old girl would love a boy-band too much.That would be like the job of a teenager.But I just shook it of my mind,I just smiled at Emliy's face when I'll see her.

"She thinks she's made of candy,"I mumbled/sang as I walk.

Emily had stayed at her grandma's house since the morning,she sometimes stays there,sometimes she comes with me to the tattoo parlor.I loved her with all my heart.If something bad happened to her,I would die.I couldn't see her hurt.When she cried,I couldn't see her crying.I loved her so much.When I got pregnant with her,I cried.A lot.I was young,16-years-old,but I didn't know what to tell my Mother.Mother told me she would help me if I got a job,and I had one.She also told me that I needed to get my own house.I got it.

"Old memories,"I said.

It hurt a lot to see the hate in my Mother's eyes.But I knew she loved the baby I had inside,and she loved me.The Father of Emily Renee,I never knew his name.I just knew his last name,but I didn't name Emily with his surname, gave her mine.Emily Renee McAlistair.Her Father is a Williams.He was really common,so I couldn't just say any Williams was the Father of my daughter.

As I got to my Mother's house,I saw the door wide open,and ran.I had the fear that they had taken Emily away,but when I saw Emily playing with my Mother,I sighed in relief.They hadn't seen me,so I wanted to surprise them.I was about to walk when Emily screamed.

"Mwommy!"Emily screamed and ran to me.

"Hello sweet pie,"I said carrying her.

"Hwow was ywour dway?"Emily asked.

"Pretty fine,"I smiled."Guess what?"

"What?"Emily giggled.

"I got you a surprise."

I put her down,and looked for the autograph in my bag.The pink paper was at a corner,and I smiled.I told Emily to close her eyes,because it was really special.She cutely closed her eyes,and I told her to open them.When she opened her arms,she looked at me confused.

"What twhat?"asked Emily confused.

"You know how much you love One Direction?"I said.

"Yweah..."Emily still doubted."Is twhat a swignature?"

"Yes,"I smiled and breathed heavily."It's Liam Payne's autograph."

Emily's eyes got wide,and she screamed.I smiled at her reaction,and she came to hug my knees.I fell to the floor,and still had my smile.Emily was so happy,and that's what I loved about my baby girl.She was always the positive,smiling person.She was pretty intelligent too.I got to my knees,and looked at Emily's bright blue eyes.

"I wuv you Mwommy,"Emily said.

"I love you too Em,"I said kissing her forehead.

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