My Tattooist.

"You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me."

I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked me deep in the eyes,I knew what he meant. 'I was slowly destroying his heart by ignoring him'.


5. Another Tattoo For Mr.Payne.

Emily was almost crying as she met them.She was really excited,and I was happy to see her like that.Emily was playing with them,and they were really enchanted with her.She had been the really sweet baby,since she started talking.I could remember that same moment,not a few months ago.She didn't crawl,she started walking straight away.

"Mia,"said a voice behind me.

I turned around to see Gilbert,a strike of his blonde hair falling to his blue,icy eyes.I smiled,and hugged him.I wanted to thank him so much for making my daughter's day.I swear she would remember this day,forever.She could be talking about it all day long,even in her sleep.

"Yes?"I asked.

"Mr.Payne is getting a new tattoo,"Gilbert said giving me pen and paper.

I nodded,and walked to where Emily and One Direction was.I think I trusted them really fast,but they couldn't do anything bad to Emily.They were really good boys,I mean,for what I've seen or have been told.Emily was playing with them,and I didn't care for what I was going,so I just watched silently.

Liam went down to his knees,and smiled at Emily.He was the father figure to the boys,so I think he'll be really sweet with Emily.I loved how he treated people,but now,he was becoming a little rebel,getting tattoos and all.He was the type of guy who wouldn't get all tattooed.

"What's your name?"asked Liam to Emily.

"Emily Renee McAlistair,"said Emily proudly.

"You may know who I am,right?"Liam asked curiously,but sweetly.

"Yweah,of cwourse,who wouwldn't."

"Well,haters wouldn't,"the curly haired one said slowly.

"Hwarry!"exclaimed Emily hugging Harry.

Liam left them,and walked up to me.He smiled and I smiled back.He grabbed the pen and paper,and started writing something.Then I noticed it.It was another arm-quote 'Everything I Wanted But Nothing I'll Ever Need...'

"Maybe we should make it a little more classic,"I said grabbing the paper.

I made some changes,and the letter was now type of italic.I showed it to him,and he smiled.I think he liked it.

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