Mommy, I miss you </3

Ashley regrets fighting with her mom before her mom, (34) and younger brother (4) and younger sister (6) go out to go swimming and a horrible accident happens.


1. The flashback.

"Bye Ashley and Alaya, me and Adam and Autumn are going swimming." My mother announced to me." k mom, just go instead of announcing it to the whole world, gosh." I had said, annoyed. "smile sometime babe." my mom said to me. i rolled my eyes and she walked out the door. I picked up my favorite book, How to kill a mocking jay. Just as i was at the good part the phone rang. loud. scaring me half to death."Hello." I said very annoyed. "Hello this is the police, is this Annes daughter Ashley?" I heard threw the phone. "yes, why"? i asked with curiosity in my voice."Well your mom, brother and sister just got into a head on accident with a semi". I started to panic. "Your mother, well she had instantly died. I had started to scream and cry. "shh it is OK". the police man had repeated about 5 times until i finally screamed "NO IT IS NOT OKAY!" Just then my dad and sister had ran down the stairs. My dad grabbed the phone from my hands. "hello, yes this is, oh." tears fell from his eyes but he had kept the same voice, though it was stuttering a little." OK, yes, thank you for letting me know." He hung up the phone. "Daddy, what happened too mommy?" my little sister, Alaya, asked." well sweety, sometimes things happen in life that shouldn't". my dad had said. "I know, but what happened?" She asked again. dad had started to tear up, then he had responded." Mommy got into a car crash and is now in heaven, don't worry she is happier now". my dad explained," HAPPIER? HAPPIER"? she had screamed." happier that were heart broken, and she wont be with us until WE die?" she had sob-said. we were all crying, then dad broke the awkwardness and had explained too us that Adam and Autumn were in the hospital and we had to go see how they were doing.That night Adam and Autumn had died, and things have never been the same.

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