Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


6. Was this right?

Arana's P.O.V

   Harry was holding my almost naked body against his body, he had a massive boner, it made me blush a little. He asked me if what I said earlier was true. Of course it was! Why wouldn't it be true? He asked if I was rejecting him. Was I going to reject him? I looked into his bright emerald green eyes, I felt like ripping off my bra and panties and making love to him. I had to control myself. I needed self restraint. Then I whisped to him, "Make love to me...now." I said under my hushed breath. Then he bit his lip, his grip on me got tighter. Was I making the right choice? I knew I wanted him and I knew that he wanted me, but what about when he went back to the X-Factor? What will happen to us? Shut up, I told myself. I need to stop thinking about the future and just go with it. At that moment, I let out a long, deep moan because Harry thought it would be funny to kiss my neck when he knew I was in deep thought and he brought me back down to Earth. Man, that boy knew how to get me going. He ripped off my bra and was caressing my body. Now it's my turn to get revenge. I tore off his shirt when he was least expecting it and next was his pants. He yelled, "Arana! Not fair! I wasn't even halfway done yet." I smiled seductively, "Well, come and get me!" I got up and tried to run, but he had  amazing reflexes and caught me. He kind of scared me a little because just then, he picked me up from my waist and backed up against the wall. He was a little too agressive when he slammed me against the wall. I whined a little and then he looked up at me. "Did I hurt you love? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." Haha it was cute the way he can go from being all sexual and agressive to being his sweet self again in less than a minute. I doubled over in pain. He knelt down beside me. "Love, are you alright?" He genuinely looked concerned. I really hoped he didn't get mad for what I am about to do next.

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