Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


13. Missing her?

Harry's P.O.V

   Tonight I got through to the judges house!! I got through! I was so happy. My mom called and told me she was proud of me. I was hugging everyone. I was excited. I just got put in a group with 4 other boys. I don't know. I've met Louis once before. I have seen the other boys, not talked to them before. They all seemed really cool though. We had sometime to practice before the judges house. Most people wanted to go home and some to the hotel, or another thing. I asked the boys if we could spend sometime by my house. They agreed. I checked my phone, and Arana texted me. I haven't talked to her in so long. I tried to talk to her. I've tried to call her. Maybe she doesn't care. She asked if  I needed anything, I didn't know what to say to her. Yeah I need you! No...No I'm not. I am not going to say anything.

   After almost an hour, the text was eating at me. It had me distracted by everything. So I decided to text her back. I did, I felt so horrible for what I said. I didn't want to call her or talk to her. It just didn't feel right.

      I sat in my room, with all the other boys. They were talking and laughing, getting to know eachother. I sat in my bed, alone. I couldn't stop thinking about Arana. She was on my mind 24/7 lately. I couldn't get over her. I wanted to go home and hug her and see her. I didn't want anything to be awkward between us, so I never contacted her. "Harry?" Liam asked, walking over to my bed. I sat up. "Yeah mate?" I asked trying to sound like I care. "What's wrong?" He asked. I sighed, and looked down. I felt like shouting out how I felt. Telling everyone how much I missed that beautiful, blue eyed blonde hometown girl I was madly, deeply, in love with. I looked up and looked into Liam's brown eyes. They had emotions they were filled with love and compassion. "You can vent to me anytime mate!" He said. I cracked a half smile. "Can we walk?" I asked. He looked at the door. "Sure." Then him and I stood up. "Harry and I are going for a walk. Be back anytime." Liam said. They were all great about it.

   Liam and I walked down the hall of the rooms. "So, I knew we kind of just met, but you can tell me anything. We are all going to be friends, so we might as well start talking about our personal lives. Besides I am a good listener." He said as we walked down the deserted hall. I looked up and took in a deep breath. "Well, before  I came to the X-Factor there was this friend at home. We grew up together. She was my everything. She was the other half of me. Every since I was...Emm..10 I've had a major crush on her. Just before I left....Well I told her about the crush. How I really felt about me. She liked me too."
I hesitated. "How is that bad mate?" Liam asked me. I thought for a second. "Well, she didn't want me to audition, she wanted me to stay. Now I'm here, she's there. We don't talk at all anymore. Lately I can't stop thinking about her. I can't. I miss her so much. I don't even know if she misses me...I wonder if she even cares..." I trailed my thoughts off. "Well, when this X-Factor deal is over. I want you to go to her. Tell her what you told me. Tell her all your thoughs and feelings. Don't say you can't because I know you can. You are Harry Styles, all the girls love you. I am sure she is wonderful. She must be really lucky to have you." Liam smiled at me. He wasn't right, she wasn't lucky. I was. I was the luckiest man alive. "Maybe you should call her, or something. That might help you with thinking about her." Liam suggested. He was right. I smiled. I should call her. "Let's go back." I said. He laughed a bit, and we turned around to walk back to the room.

  When we got to my room, I grabbed my phone. Liam nodded at me. I opened it. I got to her name. Arana. Could I do it...?

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