Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


27. Letters?

Arana's P.O.V

     When I walked back to Zayn's room the boys were all over the place I didn't see Liam. He must have woken up and went to his room, I must have woken him up! I didn't want to wake anyone so I was going to someone else's room.

    I walked downstairs and walked past the kitchen. The kitchen light was on, but the sliding door was cracked. I looked to see who it was. It was Harry. He was talking to someone. That 'someone' was Liam. Harry sounded like he was crying. I slid down the wall by the cracked door to listen to what he was saying.

Harry> I can't stay here!

Liam> Please we need you this summer! Don't bale! This is your first summer with Arana as well, don't leave her.

Harry> She was going to kiss Zayn. I saw him all over her. She was holding on to him....I said something and they didn't even look. I can't take this summer if Zayn is going to be all over her!

Liam> Mate, he can like her as well. She is a very beautiful young lady!

Harry> Well she was mine first!! I am so in love with her it isn't funny!! I've waited 3 years for her. For those 3 years I thought she hated me. To find out she didn't kills me. If I known she didn't hate me I would have called her every damn day!! I can't...I am packing and going back to my flat!

Liam> Please, don't go mate! Harry-

  He was cut off and I heard Harry coming. Tears were flowing down my face and my head was in my knees. I heard the door open and Harry walk out. "Oh my!" He said. I felt him touch my arm. I sobbed harder when he touched me. I couldn't let him get to me. Why was I crying? I was with Zayn...

   "Arana?" He asked with worry. He sat down next to me. I looked at him. His eyes were shining. He was wearing a black beanie. His dimples were there trying to calm me down. He was sitting with his legs open by me. I got up and sat inbetween his legs, with my back against his chest. His arms wrapped around me tightly, making me feel warm and safe. "What's wrong love?" He asked me. I closed me eyes. "What you sai..said. Was it true?" I sobbed. He giggled. "About me being in love with you?" He asked. I looked up and I was shivering. Not that I was cold. But you know when you cry and shake? Well I do, so that's why I was shaking. "Yeah...I am in love with you. Do you have those notes?" He asked me. I looked up. "The letters...yeah they are in my memory box. They are in my bag. Why?" I asked. "Liam!" He called and he came out of the kitchen. "I was going to bed mate? What do you want?" He asked with a glass of water in his hand. "Go get a small wooden box. It says 'Memory Box. XoXo <3' on it. It's in my backpack!" I said, Harry was wiping my tears away. "Want me to keep this light on?" Liam asked and Harry nodded.

    "Here love." Liam said then walked upstairs. I sat up and opened it. I got out the first letter.

        Dear Arana Holland.

 I know you probably hate me now. I am terribly sorry for everything. You are my world! You mean everything to me. No one is ever going to be better than you. You are the best person alive. You are my best friend and my soul mate.

 If I do become famous I want you to know these things:

First of all. Don't...Don't think I am forgetting about you. Don't think I broke our promise. I will never!!! If someone askes me about you. I will push the question off so I won't think about the pain I caused to you. So I won't leave my dream. So I can do this. Everything I do is for you. I know you don't think so, but it will be. Second if we ever do meet again. Well...please don't talk about the bad memories I left you in. Don't talk about the pain I caused. Because I know I caused a lot of pain to you. Please...I love you Arana. Your the reason I wake up and tell myself keep pushing. To tell myself I can do it. You are my reason to live. I just hope if we meet again, I can sweep you off your feet and make you love me again. If not, I understand. Or if you need time to heal I can be ears that listen to you. Or be the shoulder to cry on. Or the best friend that WON'T leave. I hope when we meet again. I can make everything up!

    Love. Harry Styles. Hope you achieve your dreams on being a musician. Or the dream of being a Piniest. (Pro piano player) You are amazing at everything you do. Please don't stop trying at all! You are my hero! XoXo

P.S When your famous. Please don't forget about me ;)

  I looked at Harry with more tears. "That was so sweet!" I smiled. "Did you read the second one?" He asked, I shook my head and he handed me the unopened envelope. I opened it and read it.

    Dear Arana,

 I hope you've read the other letter, if not that's ok.

 This isn't an apology letter.

This is to tell you this:

I know you stay up listening to music that describes your situation. Don't.

  I know you hide your feelings away and put a smile on and hide everything you are feeling. I know you are feeling low lots of times. You have a bad home life and you hide your emotions. I know you aren't social but you a great friend. Once people get to know you, they know how wonderful you are. You are my inspireation. You are my motivation. You can do anything. You are beautiful! Don't let people tell you that you aren't! They are below you and want you to be at their level! They don't know how much of an amazing person you are. You don't need to hide anything. You don't need make up or to be anti-social. You are an extraordinary girl. Open up, you will have loads of friends. You are so strong. Don't let anyone break you. You are 100X stronger than me. No on can break you. Never give up. Don't feel like you aren't worth anything, because you are priceless, money can't buy you. I love you. -Harry

  I can't believe he wrote me these letters. "I use to write letters to you all the time. I never sent them because I thought you were mad at me. I didn't think you were ever going to read them. I have them upstairs. I bring them with me, so I won't forget to write to you. Later we can read them." He smiled. He did care. I looked at him. "Thank you." I said. I kissed his cheek. "Can I sleep here?" I asked. "Yes!" He giggled. I snuggled in his arms. This didn't feel like before. This was how it was suppose to be. If it was suppose to be like this. Than why did it feel so wrong?

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