Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


10. Leaving...

Harry's P.O.V

  As I stood at her doorway. It tore me apart watching her pack her things. I watched as she looked at our old memories. I wanted to quit the X-Factor. I wanted everything to be back to normal. I didn't want it to ever come this far. I helped her carry her bags to the steps... When we got down stairs, I walked outside. She staggered back. I threw her bags in the car and I shut the door, I waited for her."Harry." She began to say. I didn't want to hear it. I smiled. "I don't want to hear it. I know. I know. I won't see you. Well who says I will be famous. Who says I will even make it? Huh? No one. There is no guarntee." I snapped. She backed up. I felt bad for saying that. I didn't mean any of that! "I just...thought.." She began to cry. It broke me. That was the end of it. When she cried. I couldn't take it. I wanted to kiss her and tell she will be ok. "You thought what? Nothing?" I shouted. In anger, not knowing how to control it. I looked at her face. She walked to the car door. She grabbed her bags and threw them over her. She looked at me. "Arana?" I asked calming down. The tears felt like non stop with her. I didn't want that with her. I never wanted to be the one to hurt her. I looked at her. "Don't say you won't make it. I know you will. You are amazing. Good bye Harry." She said in a cracky voice. "This isn't good bye! This is a....see you later. This is....see you soon?" I  said. "I don't think it is this time. I think...it's good bye. So good bye Harry. I hope everything you have ever dreamed for comes true. I sincerely mean that." She said. Then she walked down the drive. She left me standing there. It hurt so bad to watch as she walked away. I wanted to die. She looked at me once again. I went to say her name, but she was gone. That was it. Arana was gone. Why?

      ***One Day Before Leaving For The X-Factor***

I was sitting on my bed. I looked at my packed bags. I haven't talked to Arana since the day we fought. I was miserable. I felt like depressed. This wasn't the way I wanted to say good bye to her. I wrote her a note. A note to say I am sorry. I was going to drop it off to her, when I was on my way to the X-Factor. I looked up at my celling. I felt like dying, or shriveling up like a raisin. I couldn't stop thinking about Arana. I looked at my hand, that was shaking. I saw the promise ring. I remembered I promised to never forget her. I didn't think I would ever break that promise. I slid the ring off my finger. I put the ring into my memory box, of all my memories of me and Arana, then I slid the box into my bag. I smiled, hoping this was all a dream.

   ***Day Of Leaving For The X-Factor***

 I woke up to my mom shaking me. "Wakey wakey!" She smiled. "No." I grumped. "Harry, get out of bed." She called. I rolled over. "Fine." She laughed, I rolled out of bed, and I walked to the bathroom.

   After my shower and I got dressed, I grabbed my bags and walked down stairs. I took one last look at everything. I made it to the bottom. Arana was standing at the door. She was so beautiful. "Harry. Arana came to drop something off. Arana walked over to me. She held her and out. "Please. I beg you. Don't change because you make it. Don't change to someone you aren't. That's my only request I ask of you." She whispered. "I promise I won't change." She hugged me and then she gave me a small folded note. She turned and walked to the door. "Arana?" I called. She kept walking. "I have something for you!" I cried. She stopped walking. I walked to her, I pulled my note that I wrote her from my pocket. I looked in her bright blue eyes, and I wanted this to last forever. I handed it to her. She shoved it in her pocket. Then she left the house. She wrote me a note.

             Dear Harry,

You are my bestfriend. I hope you know that. I never want me or anyone to get in the way of your dreams. I never want you to give up anything for me. Never. You deserve so much. That is why you got 2/3 yes from the judges. You deserved it. I wish we could be together. I wish we could still be best friends, but dreams come first. Everything I am saying is what I feel. I am not being mean or fake. I mean this. I love you. I will watch you everytime you're on the show. Even if I don't like it...because you mean that much to me. I will never forget you Harry Styles. You deserve to be a superstar one day. You will make it. Trust me. I know you will! Don't let this change the cheeky boy you are. I hope we can meet again, maybe in the furture. When that time will come, I just hope you will forgive me for everything. I hope we start a new beginning. I hope we can start over and be friends again. Maybe so. Just have fun with your new life. Hope you make it. I will be cheering for you. *Team Styles!*  Go get them, and crush the competition!!  -Arana XoXoXo

  She will never get in the way of my dreams. She is apart of them. I will never change. I watched her walk out the door. It felt like someone ripping off a bandage off me. I stood there in my living room, re-reading the note over and over again. I feel like she will never be in my life again. Will I be able to take this?



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