Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


42. Going out???

Zayn's P.O.V

     After working out with Liam...We went home.

   I walked inside from being at the gym for about an hour and a half. I walked in and saw Harry on the couch. His hands were in his face. I walked over to him. "Are you ok?" I asked sitting by him. Harry and I have worked things out. We are still good mates. He looked at me, then away. "What?" I asked moving closer to him. "Why don't you just go get your girl..." He said with tears coming down his face. What the hell was he talking about?

   I walked upstiars and walking into Arana and I's room, she wasn't in there. I called her name but no anwser. I started to get worried.

   I walked down the hall and towards the bathroom, the door was closed. "Arana?" I called shaking th knob. I heard her sniffle. She was crying. "ARANA! Let me in!!! Now!" I cried. She didn't anwser me. I kept pounding on the door. Then I heard Louis walk upstairs. "Mate are you ok?" He asked walking to the door. I shook my head, he raced down the hall, I couldn't tell where he went though. I didn't care.

   After some moments of me trying to get the door open, Louis ran towards me, he handed me something, then walked down the hall again. I looked at it, it was the key to the bathroom, my hands were shakey and I was in tears...why...what was she doing?

   I unlocked the door and turned the knob, I rushed inside the door. I saw Arana trying to get a cap off the pill bottle. "What the hell!" I yelled rushing my body towards her. "GET OFF ME!!! I CAN'T GET THE FUCKING TOP OFF!!!!" She sobbed/yelled in my ear. I finally ripped the bottle, I walked to the window and threw it outside. "What the hell? That was the way I was going to kill myself!" She screamed at me, her face was red, I looked down at her wrists. They were bloody and red...with huge cuts on them. She feel to the ground and began to cry, harder now. I knelt down and picked her up. "Get off me!" She kept screaming. I wouldn't let her go. "Why don't you just kill me? Huh?" She kept asking me. Those words...that question was killing ME. That was making me feel weak. 

  I got to our room, I layed her on the bed, she was still in sobs. I closed and locked the door. "GO!" She yelled. I ran to the bed, "Why?" I asked her. She looked at me. "What?" She asked me. I sat on the bed and layed her body on mine. "I tried to kill myself. Everyone on Twitter is right. Harry hates me...you! You don't like me..." She cried. I looked at her face. "You're right... I don't like you." I said. She looked at me and almost stopped breathing. "I LOVE you. I can't get enough of you." I smiled, a smile came across her face. "Why this?" I asked pointing to her wristis. "Everything got to me...I'm sorry!" She sobbed. "Shh..Promise me you won't EVER do it again! ok?" I asked looking at her, she held her pinkie up that said 'Promise' I giggled and pinkie-promised. She smiled. "You are the best thing to happen to me." She said. A warm feeling came acros my whole body. "Go get washed up." I kissed her forehead. She giggled. "Thank you Zayn...for everything." She kissed my cheek, then walked quietly to the bathroom. I couldn't stand seeing her like that. I didn't want to know why she felt like that. I hope she got it out, by talking or something..

    *Later that night*

   Earlier Arana asked to go clubin, so we all said yes. She wanted to get things off her mind.

   "Babe?" Arana asked walking towards me. "Ready to go clubin?" She asked pretending to dance like a goof. I laughed. "Actually, I was wondering if I could take Arana out for her birthday dinner..." Harry asked silently. Arana gave him a death stare. "It's not her birthday until tomorrow.." I said, looking at him. He cracked a smile. "I know...But Please? It would mean a lot." He asked walking towards her. She moved closer to me, hugging me. I was the only one who knew about her suicidal attempt. "Please...?" He asked. I looked at her. "She would love to!" I said, making things less awkward. She looked at me. Even if she was mad at me, I didn't care...Those blue eyes were so beautiful. "Fine. What will you do?" Arana asked looking at me.  I smiled. "I'll take the boys clubin!" I giggled, she kissed my cheek. "Ok, well go have fun..." She smiled at me. My heart sank thining about her. "Remember your promise!" I said. She didn't smile. "I don't break promises..." She said, then looked at Harry who looked away. I hugged her waist. I smiled. "I will come staight home and watch movies with you!" I said. She bit her soft perfect lip. I smiled and hugged her again. "Have fun babe!" She said. I walked to Louis. "Ready mate? He asked me. I looked at Arana who looked sad. My heart jumped with joy when she gave Harry a dirty look, then again. I feel like I shouldn't go clubin without her...not tonight...I mean she was the one who wanted to go out anyways...Is this right?

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