Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


14. Famous now?

Arana's P.O.V

   *****3 YEARS LATER!!!!******

  Harry didn't win the X-Factor, he came in 3rd. I was watching every night. Now One Direction is a world sensation. I think it's good. I've read all the books on One Direction. I've seen their concert movies, and their Year in the Making movie. I've seen everything about them. I've seen every video they have, and watched all their interviews. I just graduated school. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to Uni yet. I was planning on going there. These past three years of my life, have made me. I learned I have no friends. I learned I can't make friends. I've learned the most important things in your life always seems to leave. My dad, in 2011, he went to rehab. Everyone thought he was ok. After he got out, we started hanging out and doing things, he died of drug overdose that same year. I never knew he did drugs. He hid it so well from me. I am all alone. Anyone I have every cared about is not in my life. I live with my foster mom and brother. I really just sit in my room all day listening to One Direction, or such. I've become very anti-social. It's 2013, and my birthday is in the summer!! I am so excited. I get to turn 18! Harry is 19. I get my 'present' my foster mom Erica today. I don't know why I do though, I mean why so early?

    For the past years, I've changed so much. I've started to wear make up to hide my freckles. I died my hair a dark, brown/auburn color. It looks very nice. You would never reconized me! A couple of months ago I got a Twitter. I DM'd Harry. I told him, I missed him and that we should talk soon. He never replied. I didn't expect him to, but it's ok. I have tweeted Harry multipule times, hoping for a response. I even tried the other boys. Harry changed his number a while ago. I tried calling him, he never anwsered. I just gave up, stopped trying to contact him. Stopped. It hurt me really bad to know, that promise he made, isn't happening. I just feel abondend from him. I missed that emerald eyed, cheeky, awkward little boy....that I use to know.

    After reading Fan-Fics for some hours, I decided to go downstairs. I got up from my small white bed, and walked to my closet. I wanted to change. I was rumming through clothes when I heard something fall. What the hell. I looked and I saw a box. It wasn't broken or anything, it must have fallen off the shelf. I picked it up. It was the memory box. I grabbed it with shakey hands. I didn't even remember I had this. What? I opened the box up. Papers were stuffed inside. I took the box to my bed and I read them. They were passed notes of Harry and I from school. They were pictures of Harry and I doing crazy things. Like when we went to our first concert. Or when we tried sledding without barely any clothes. I laughed a bit, forgetting about these. I started thinking about everything that went wrong. Everything I did wrong to him. Tears formed, my hands got shakey. I felt myself shiver, in the memory. My heart fely empty. I kept looking through the box. I came across, the ring, the promise ring. I smiled, I wonder if he even still has it?


Someone put me back to reality. "It's open." I said. "Mom wants you." Cameron my foster brother said.  He knows I don't call her mom I call her Erica. Everytime. I gave him the 'I'm gonna kill you' look.  He walked to my bed. "What's that?" He teased. "Get out!!" I screamed. "Is that your little boyfriend??" He mocked. "SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET OUT!!!"  I stampered. "What the heck is going on up here?" Erica called walking upstairs. "He won't get out of my room!" I cried. "Honey." She said walking in. She made things awkward. She knows she isn't my mom, but Cameron is her real son, so everything is awkward. She acts as if she really raised me or something. She was tall, and skinny. She was an only mom. She worked 3 jobs, trying to support us, I was greatful of her. She has dimples and crooked teeth. She had black hair and brown eyes. They were always so cold. I've never seen them with life. "Cameron go!" She shouted. "But mom-" He whined but I cut him off. "I am going to wipe your face in dog sh-" Erica cut me off. "Don't." She told me. "I am sorry Cameron. Would you like to play Barbies with me and go to Neverland and live happily ever after?" I mocked. Erica gave me the look. Everyone knows what I am talking about. We all get it from our parents, it's saying like. No, or don't do it. When you get that look you know when to shutup. "Come downstairs and I will give you your gift." Erica said walking downstairs with that brat behind her. "Why does she get a present?" He whined from the hall. She lauhged, rolled her eyes and kept walking.

   I put my pictures away and walked downstairs. I got to the bottom of the steps, and Erica was sitting on the couch. "Yes?" I asked, she smiled and I walked by her and sat criss-cross on the couch. "Ok, so I have to give this to you, now because this happeneds before your birthday. So I am giving it to you now." She smiled. Her crooked teeth were showing. Her dimples were showing as she smiled. She handed me an envelope. "Wait." She said grabbing the video camera. She turned it on. "Ok, Arana, how old are you going to be?" She asked. I looked into the camera. "18!" I giggled. I slowly opened the envelope. I took the paper inside and pulled it out. There was a string, and a paper. I smiled. I looked at it.

    It was One Directions concert tickets. "OH MY GOSH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!" I cried. My heart raced. I felt like dying. I get to see One Direction!! I looked at the other thing. It was a pass. A backstage pass!!! Oh My Gosh!!!! "Thank you so much!!" Tears formed in my eyes and I hugged her tightly. "When is it?" She asked, still recording. I looked at the paper.  "IN 1 WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!" I shouted. I was now drowning in my tears. She hugged me. "Ok, grab your things we are going shopping for the concert." She smiled. "Really?" I asked her. She nodded. My heart jumped with joy. I get to see Harry and I get to go backstage! I get to see him again. I felt like everything was falling back into place, the way it should go. The way it should have been...

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