Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


44. cheated

Zayn's P.O.V

        This really sexy chick was dancing on me all night long...She was stunning. I mean I thought she was...I don't know my vision was blurred.

   After Liam told me about Arana I pushed him away. I wasn't worried about Arana she trusted me enough to not care what I did.

   "Wanna go back to my place?" The chick aske me. I smiled, then nodded.

    *At Nikki's*

  She opened the door to her flat. She walked me to her bed. I sat down. She began to strip, showing her amazing body. She was wearing no panties, and a lovely bra. Then she walked over to me. I stopped her. "What?" She asked. Then I took her bra off and began to undress myself. I flicked the lights off and layed on the bed by her. She got on top of me and we began to kiss without air.

      *The next day*

  I opened my eyes. Where was I? I was in a bed, but not mine. I rolled over and it was Nikki. Whoa! I jumped up and I was ass naked. I grabbed my clothes that were laying on the floor. Last night? What happened? I got dressed and had a massive headache. Nikki was asleep. I cheated on Arana...


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