Why'd you leave?

Arana Holland is bestfriends with Harry Styles, they grew up together! Then one day he suddenly leaves and tries out for the X-Factor. With all his fame he forgets about her, she meets him at a signing and he askes her to stay with them at a beach house, but will she fall for another boys? Will he get the girl he wants? Does someone snatch her up?


11. Alone...

Arana's P.O.V

  Once I got home, I didn't read his note. I threw it in a box. A box I won't open unless I can't help myself. I can't read it. I am trying to forget about what we had. It's gone. He's gone.

    I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to watch him on the show. How will I watch him sing. Watch him as he...as he lived his dream? How was I going to be able to go to school without him? I mean, this week I haven't gone to school. Tomorrow I am though. Hope can I cope with this? How diffrenent will it really be? Will it change me? Maybe him? I couldn't think right. I felt like my heart just got ripped out of my chest. I got home and just sat on my bed. I wanted everything back to normal.

   ***Next Day***

  I was woke up by my phone ringing. It was Harry. I didn't anwser. The whole night he kept calling. I didn't want to talk to him. 

I got up for school. I had 11 missed calls from him. No textes, just calls. That was weird. I walked to my closet and picked some casual clothes out.

  I slid my black jacket over my head. I slid my dark blue skinny jeans on and put on my black converse. I wanted to die today. It was even worse now, now Harry wasn't even here. He wasn't even in Holmes Chapel anymore....and never would be. I threw my hair into a bun. I was thinking about dying it a darker color. Blonde was my natural hair. But I feel it didn't fit me. I walked down the steps and saw my dad, sleeping. Like always. "Going to school." I woke him up. He grunted and then pointed to the table. I walked to the table. "From that guy." He said. I sighed and it was a note from Harry. Another one? I slid it into my pocket. I didn't want to read it. I walked outside. It was cold like usual. I just walked down the road. I felt so empty and lonely without Harry. Is this what is was really going to be like?

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